Best Restaurant in Haputale – Risara Bakery

Riasara Bakery Haputale
Yummy Veg Biryani

Haputala is a small lovely village near to more popular Horton Plains. It serves as a base for people visiting to Horton plains and have many options to stay but very limited options to eat. Hotel restaurants are so expensive for no reason. during our recent trip to Haputale we came across a nice place to eat in Haputale. First day we ate at our hotel Sea Lak views and the food was just ok by taste and not value for money. Next day we explored the small bazaar area and came across a small bakery called Risara. As many guide books and online travel forums suggest that the best and most value for money place to have your food in Sri Lanka is to find the place where locals eat. Risara bakery is something similar and run by some local Muslims, expert in chicken curries and biryanis. It’s just next to the bus stand in Haputala and I guess only independent restaurant separated from local hotels. its a very basic place and have small place to sit at the first floor, has very friendly people who run it.

The guy working there was bit shy but extremely polite, they cook just next to the tables so you can see even how are they preparing your food. Unlike other restaurants in Lanka it took just 15 minutes for our order to get served. you won’t get much of varieties other and rice, noodles and some curries but whatever they have is worth to try. We ordered some veg fried rice, veg noodles and varieties of tea. Everything was so delicious and worth a clap. It was extremely value for money as well. 1 veg fried rice, 1 veg noodles, 5 tea, 2 coke and 1 curd costed just for 550 Sri Lankan rupees almost 50% cheaper compare to our Hotel Restaurant. So next time when you are in Haputale you know where to eat, Risara Bakery -Best food you can buy in Haputale

Best Restaurent in Haputale
Risara Bakery Menu

No Home Delivery
Dine-In Available
Serves Non Veg


Chinese, SRI Lankan, Rice, Bakery items
LKR. 500 for two people (approx.)  around 5 Dollars
Cash only

next to haputala bus stand,  main bazaar

How to Check Your Vodafone Postpaid 3G data balance

Though I will never recommended any one to get 3g on postpaid connections (its 12.5% more expensive than Prepaid Connections) for Example a 3gb monthly Prepaid Vodafone 3G will cost 654 and same Data limit on postpaid connections will cost 732 Rupees.

3GB plan
Price Paid = 654
3 GB Plan
Price Paid = 650+12.2% =732
  Note: on postpaid connections you have to pay 12.2% taxes on overall Bill.

How to Check Vodafone Postpaid Internet (3g) Balance

Well there are two methods which I was able to find for this question, first is detail one and easy to remember as it’s a step by step option, other one is to remember the speed dial code and within 2 seconds you can get the information about your 3G.

First Step

Dial *111# > Press 5 for Internet Plans> Press 1 for Active Plan & Details >


Remember this code *111*5*1#    


The most boring option, SMS, DATA SPACE BAL to 111 toll FREE 

Vodafone Postpaid 3g balance check

How to Use Move to SD card feature on NOTE 2 Android 4.3

One of my blog readers asked this question on my previous post Samsung galaxy Note 2 4.3 update about how to use the awesome and much needed feature of move apps to memory card by Samsung after 4.3 update on Note 2. It’s extremely easy and you can follow simple steps to move your apps to memory card
Go to Settings > More > Application Manager> Click on Application to Move>Move to SD card

Samsung Note 2, Android 4.3 India update review

After many leaks online from last few days finally Sammy officially released 4.3 update for Note 2 users in India.  The update is only available through Samsung’s desktop software Kies (Download) 4.3 update did bring many interesting features to Note 2 and here is quick review of things I like and dislike after updating my Note 2 to Android 4.3.

HERES THE GOOD Part of 4.3 Update

  • The notification bar on Note 2 is finally transparent similar to its cousin Samsung s4 and big brother Note 3… Feels Great!!
  • The new notification bar is highly customizable and it you don’t have to scroll left to see all the options anymore. No Extra Work: D
  • New multi-windows feature has been updated with very smooth interface and more apps support but it does not support 2 similar apps running feature from NOTE 3.
  • Full screen usage of apps like Videos, Music player and gallery…WOW!!!
  • The screen looks much sharper with crisp colors
  • Lock screen looks so beautiful with Glow effect… simply WOWWWW
  • You get widgets option on lock screen also, Very useful
  • Tabbed settings Menu.
  • The new samsung keyboard has auto correct feature.
  • Camera additional feature of sound & shot.
  • Video player is very smooth and nice interface much on whiter shade as ios 7
  • I feel the sound quality has improved after update (Personal opinion)
  • Full screen Internet browsing but still missing the new interface of s4 and note 3.
  • A new option called Blocking Mode, Very handy when you do now want to be disturbed.
  • New Calculator, Contacts app etc….
 Now the Uglier Side of update (wish it will be better with future updates)

  • System lag in touch wiz (i.e. after exiting an application it takes several seconds for all the icons to gather back like it used to be in times of galaxy s and tab 1 & note 1.
  • Poor ram management means more memory consumptions Gallery application lags a bit and takes time to load all the thumbnails a real pain if you have many pics in your gallery.
  • Music player bringing up the “Now Playing” is a little bit slow as previous versions.
  • Missing new Note 3 features and old interface of S-memo.
  • Nothing much of an update in camera department. Same old shit

As I said I hope the things will get better and Note 2 will be able to overcome these problems with supplementary updates in future. I will share my experience will battery life also after spending some time with my updated note 2. Please share what you think of the 4.3 update for Note 2 in comments. 

Update: Now its available through Wi-fi and 3g Also

How to Embed Google Map into Joomla within 2 Minutes

I am an amateur in Joomla’s awesome CMS ( Content management systems) and from last few weeks, I am exploring Joomla to help some friends with updating their website.It’s an interesting experience so far, filled with some feel-good moments and frustrating at times. Yesterday we were trying to Embed Google Maps their contact page, and it wasn’t working at all, after searching for some time over YouTube and some Joomla forum threads, we could embed Google’s map in our Joomla website. It turns out to be very easy to do and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Here’s how we did it.

1. Go to Google Maps and search for the address you want to embed     

 Google maps Joomla

2. Click on generate embed link and customize the look and feel of the map, copy the code

Geneate google map embed code
How to Generate Google map embed code

3. log in to your Joomla Admin panel, go to site manager – User Manager and change user editor (JCE, or any other) to ‘No Editor’ this will make the Article Editor in HTML mode

google maps in joomla 2.5

4. Open Article manager and paste the HTML from Google Maps into your article. you are DONE.

Ps: The only problem with this method is that once you will change your editor back to JCE and make any changes in the text the map will disappear. always complete the text part first and add the map in last to solve this problem. 


Get Sachin Tendulkar’s personalized autograph online for FREE

Sachin's Autograph

No matter you are an Indian or foreigner Cricket supporter, we all are going to Miss the GREAT Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The richest board in the World BCCI has finally used its money for something worthful and demonstrated how an employer should treat an employee on notice period. They have started a campaign on twitter with #ThankYouSachin which gives you an opportunity to get the little masters Signatures and a thank you note on your name by none other than Sachin Tendulkar. It’s extremely easy to get Sachin signatures online, let me tell you how 

Go to Twitter and type 
On left tweet box write your message to sachin with #ThankYouSachin 
Within seconds you will get a retweet from BCCI with a picture signed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Download it and frame the memories. We will miss you Sachin 
Ps: You should have a twitter account to complete this process.

Online Personal Trainer India – Nipun Jain Review

Rohit Tripathi
Rarest of times when you pay for some services and are too impressed by the outcome that you want the rest of the world to know about it as well. Today, I am taking the pain to write about one of my dear friend who is a part of the ongoing virtual revolution. Things are moving online, from chaddi to car, you can buy or get information about everything with just few clicks online. 
This post is about the next frontier of fitness: Online Personal trainer in India.


Brock Lesnar
Josef Rakich

It all started when I was 16 and introduced to the world of wrestling. The main attraction on WWE at that time was the beast ‘BROCK LESNAR’ – and seeing him week after week destroying people in the ring and enthusiastically watching his tremendous physique, his massive shoulders, broad chest and scary strength was a strong influence on my youth. It was him who lighted a fire in the heart of a skinny young lad. I was merely 51 or 52 kg and could easily count my bones in the mirror. Unknown to the science of muscle building, nutrition, and micros, his strength was a great influence on me and one of my friends – we together joined a local gym with raised hopes of a muscular physique on day. The only thing we considered was that eating bananas and drinking gallons of milk will make us a bodybuilder. Things slowly improved a lot and in two years, I did add up a bit of a muscle on my bones but after some time, things stopped improving further. At times, it was because of my injuries, medical problems or lack of motivation and sometimes because of my utter laziness. In 2013, I decided to MAKE A CHANGE in my life and started to search for information on Internet. I came across the concept of ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER. One guy named ‘Josef Rakich’ on attracted my attention with his amazing body and I saw that he has a website from where he provides online nutrition and workout plans to people around the world for a very attractive cost of $ 50. 

I had made-up my mind and was almost about to get his services for online coaching but then I came across a Facebook page of an Indian guy called NIPUN JAIN – he had impressive pictures, a witty humor and loads of informative posts. He claimed to give me all information specially personalized to my needs and I decided to go ahead with him as being an Indian, I thought that he would understand our nutrition better than a Non-Indian.

The Concept of Online Personal Training      

The concept of hiring an online personal trainer is not so different than hiring a personal trainer in some local gym. Normally you send your body stats such as:
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Forearms
  • Calves

With this information, you have to attach a few of your pictures posing front, back and side for analysis. On the basis of this information and your GOAL, they create a meal plan which fits your micro needs. In addition, they also provide a personal workout plan with exercise names, number of sets, repetitions and similar other features. The best part here is that it does not make you dependant on your personal trainer’s schedule. You know the number of days to workout, the number of hours needed to rest and can manage your own schedule yourself. Another advantage is that since you can workout at your convenience, you are more likely to stick with the training and, therefore, realize your goals faster.
Why an Indian Online personal trainer?

As I mentioned earlier, the reason which made me inclined towards an Indian trainer was that he stood a better chance of understanding our food habits than any foreigner. It was much more convenient to get in touch with Nipun from various mediums. You can write to him on Facebook, call him on his mobile, or in case, you are in Delhi, go and meet him personally. The guy is as knowledgeable as any in the western world. Even the money I paid him was just to guide me for first three months. I remember that I am still asking him to clear my doubts on many subjects and he is still as kind to reply was before 
Nipun Jain Online Personal Trainer India
Nipun Jain flexing some muscles
Nipun Jain Contact Details

In case, you would like to get in touch with him, you can:

or send him a personal friend request at:

I remember, he has a website as well but I never felt the need to visit it – all due to his personalized prompt attention. You can find his mobile number on his fan page in case of any urgent requests/advice.   

Live Cricket Streaming app which actually WORKS

Being away from India you really miss many things, Cricket is one of the most important things which I cannot enjoy in Prague. Day before yesterday during the first cricket match between India vs Australia. I tried almost all the websites which claim to provide live Cricket streaming, but hard luck the only things I could stream there were few crazy ads and some time counters. after wasting half hour or so I decided to give some android apps a try, and guess what the second one which I tried worked like a charm. Not only it had live Cricket match in HD quality but many other Indian news and movie channels as well. Its extremely easy to use.

Please follow simple steps to download the application and Enjoy Live cricket from any part of the World

Go to Google Play store and Search for the application called Indian Live TV  Install it and you are ready to go. Also make sure you have installed MX Player as the application use it to play the videos. the interface is very basic and too the point


Android Handset
MX Player
Internet Connection

Indian Live TV
User Interface

Sample Quality of Video Streaming India Vs Australia

Live Cricket streaming website

UPDATE: It works flawlessly with normal picture and gets few disturbance at times while playing the HD link. Please share which websites or app you guys use to watch live cricket streaming.  

ना द्वारका में मिले बिराजे

ना द्वारका में मिले बिराजे, ब्रज की गलियों में भी नहीं हो।
ना योगियों के ध्यान में हो तुम,अहम् जड़े ज्ञान में तुम नहीं हो।

तुम्हे ये जग ढूढता है कान्हा, मगर इसे ये खबर नहीं है बस एक मेरा है भाग्य मोहन, अगर कही हो तो तुम यही हो