Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh India – Review

Bungee Jumping in rishikesh
Memories for lifetime
“Go further, I am holding you! Don’t worry the crew member reassured” and I began to crawl slowly with heart full of excitement and fear at the same time (yeah, those who say they don’t fear anything let them come with me to Rishikesh for a Jump, we shall see!). The scream of the last jumper was still fresh in my mind and I was debating if his scream was because of sheer excitement of bungee jumping or was he as afraid as I was. “Please tell me nothing will happen to me” I said. She slowly begins again “Relax, take a deep breath do not look down and look at those beautiful mountains enjoy the view” the countdown started Five… Four… three… two… One… Bungee and Jump!!!!!!!!!

It all began while I was planning for my next trip to the mountains. We both were missing each other as much you see J. While exploring places for travel in Uttrakahand Himalayas, I came across a video on YouTube of a guy doing bungee jumping and I was mesmerized by sheer excitement this sport offers and decided that I was going to try it out. A quick search over Google told me that an agency called Jumping Heights provides bungee jumping experience in Rishikesh India.  Within minutes I booked my tickets, changed my plans a bit, and 24 hour later, I was in Rishikesh. I had booked my tickets online and decided to take a quick nap in my hotel room. Little did I know that it’s difficult to reach the jump sight without any private transportation. Luckily I called that guy and he informed that a bus will leave from their marketing office in Tapovan in the next half an hour and asked me to hurry up.

“God, I can’t be taking this jump and will lose the money I have paid too L” I muttered, and was in there office within next 20 minutes. I told them to play some jump videos of other people so that I could borrow some courage for my jump. They charge 350 rupees as transportation and entry fee charges. Once I arrived there and saw other people jump on the TV, I literally got nervous and so did the other people who came with me to do the bungee jumping. It looked like the scariest thing one could ever do!

“My god, it’s too high” I said to myself once I started to walk on the cantilever jumping platform on top of River Ganges. The crew was friendly and looked very professional. A small team of 4 people were led by a New Zealander jumping coach. They suit you up for the jump and make sure that to calm your head. Within minutes, I was standing on the edge and cursing myself for putting me in such situation.

“I can’t believe, I jumped!”. That moment of free fall and that wind blowing pass me, I screamed my lunges out, possibly the loudest I ever did, the elastic rope took me back in the air around 50-60 meters after the first fall (total length around 83 meters) and my body started to swing like shaktimaan. “I did it! I did it! It was AWESOME AWESOME experience”. I thanked the crew for being so supportive and that it was the best ever experience of my life. I never felt this way before in my life, eyes full of joy and my heart was fearless now. With the proud badge of “I have got guts” and life time memories of this jump, I started to trek back to their cafeteria.

Location – Where is the jumping Place?

You can experience bungee jumping in the holy city of Ganges, Rishikesh. The jumping sight is located around 14-15 kilometers from the main city at a place called Mohan Chatti of Rishikesh. You can go directly if you have your own transportation or visit their marketing office and a regular bus in every 2 hours should take you there for 350 rupees.

How Can I Book my bungee Jumping tickets?                

Almost all the river rafting offices can book it for you but I am not sure about their prices. You can buy the tickets online from their official website http://www.jumpinheights.com/modules/OnlineBooking.aspxfor any date of your choice.  You can also walk directly to their marketing office in early hours and book it on the spot.

Is it Safe?
Absolutely. The crew and staff looked well trained and very professional to me and not for a minute, did I feel that something will happen to me because of the lack of preparation on their part. You got your guts? – Well, they have the platform! GO and JUMP!!

How Much does it cost?
It costs 3000 rupees for one time jump and they will charge you 750 rupees if you would like to get the video recording of your jump (which most of the people do). It’s not allowed to take anything with yourself during the jump so those who thought they will record it from their phone or personal camera are bound to get disappointed. For more details about prices click here     


Address:              Tapovan, Badrinath Road, Near Lakshman Jhula Police Station, Rishikesh.
Phone:                 +91 7830404067, +91 7830335577 & +91-0135-2442100
Address:              Village Mohan Chatti,Rishikesh.
Phone:                 +91 7830404067, +91 7830335577 & +91-0135-2442100
Email:                    enquiries@jumpinheights.com    
So go out there and have fun! This is so memorable that you will remember the feeling for the rest of your life 🙂        

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