Godaddy www (301) redirection within 2 minutes

You all must have noticed that now we have a new web address for my blog and have moved on to a new domain name i.e. Since I decided to move from my old domain to www.raghlenka.inand from Google to Godady domain services (it was almost 60-70% cheaper at godaddy, 10$ vs. 200 rupees), I was worried how I would do the redirection for my existing WWW URL raghlenka.into It turned out to be very easy and hardly a 2-minutes job. Let me show you a step by step guide on how you can do a www redirection to your godadyy account.

How to do domain redirection in Godaddy

Log in to your godaddy account and click on the Launch button next to your domain name
redirection godaddy
Select the ‘domain name’ and on the top header, select the first option in FORWARD

301 redirection godaddy

Type the URL you want your domain to be redirected to, save, and you are done!

www redirection godaddy
It will take between 2-24 hours and your redirection will start working, or if you do not want to take all this trouble then there is a short cut to do your www redirection in godaddy. Just contact their excellent ‘online customer support’ and within minutes, they will do it for you.

Official godaddy page for help on domain forwarding – Click here
How to do www redirection in godaddy VIDEO – Click here

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