How to Embed Google Map into Joomla within 2 Minutes

I am an amateur in Joomla’s awesome CMS ( Content management systems) and from last few weeks, I am exploring Joomla to help some friends with updating their website.It’s an interesting experience so far, filled with some feel-good moments and frustrating at times. Yesterday we were trying to Embed Google Maps their contact page, and it wasn’t working at all, after searching for some time over YouTube and some Joomla forum threads, we could embed Google’s map in our Joomla website. It turns out to be very easy to do and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Here’s how we did it.

1. Go to Google Maps and search for the address you want to embed     

 Google maps Joomla

2. Click on generate embed link and customize the look and feel of the map, copy the code

Geneate google map embed code
How to Generate Google map embed code

3. log in to your Joomla Admin panel, go to site manager – User Manager and change user editor (JCE, or any other) to ‘No Editor’ this will make the Article Editor in HTML mode

google maps in joomla 2.5

4. Open Article manager and paste the HTML from Google Maps into your article. you are DONE.

Ps: The only problem with this method is that once you will change your editor back to JCE and make any changes in the text the map will disappear. always complete the text part first and add the map in last to solve this problem. 


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