Online Personal Trainer India – Nipun Jain Review

Rohit Tripathi
Rarest of times when you pay for some services and are too impressed by the outcome that you want the rest of the world to know about it as well. Today, I am taking the pain to write about one of my dear friend who is a part of the ongoing virtual revolution. Things are moving online, from chaddi to car, you can buy or get information about everything with just few clicks online. 
This post is about the next frontier of fitness: Online Personal trainer in India.


Brock Lesnar
Josef Rakich

It all started when I was 16 and introduced to the world of wrestling. The main attraction on WWE at that time was the beast ‘BROCK LESNAR’ – and seeing him week after week destroying people in the ring and enthusiastically watching his tremendous physique, his massive shoulders, broad chest and scary strength was a strong influence on my youth. It was him who lighted a fire in the heart of a skinny young lad. I was merely 51 or 52 kg and could easily count my bones in the mirror. Unknown to the science of muscle building, nutrition, and micros, his strength was a great influence on me and one of my friends – we together joined a local gym with raised hopes of a muscular physique on day. The only thing we considered was that eating bananas and drinking gallons of milk will make us a bodybuilder. Things slowly improved a lot and in two years, I did add up a bit of a muscle on my bones but after some time, things stopped improving further. At times, it was because of my injuries, medical problems or lack of motivation and sometimes because of my utter laziness. In 2013, I decided to MAKE A CHANGE in my life and started to search for information on Internet. I came across the concept of ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER. One guy named ‘Josef Rakich’ on attracted my attention with his amazing body and I saw that he has a website from where he provides online nutrition and workout plans to people around the world for a very attractive cost of $ 50. 

I had made-up my mind and was almost about to get his services for online coaching but then I came across a Facebook page of an Indian guy called NIPUN JAIN – he had impressive pictures, a witty humor and loads of informative posts. He claimed to give me all information specially personalized to my needs and I decided to go ahead with him as being an Indian, I thought that he would understand our nutrition better than a Non-Indian.

The Concept of Online Personal Training      

The concept of hiring an online personal trainer is not so different than hiring a personal trainer in some local gym. Normally you send your body stats such as:
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Forearms
  • Calves

With this information, you have to attach a few of your pictures posing front, back and side for analysis. On the basis of this information and your GOAL, they create a meal plan which fits your micro needs. In addition, they also provide a personal workout plan with exercise names, number of sets, repetitions and similar other features. The best part here is that it does not make you dependant on your personal trainer’s schedule. You know the number of days to workout, the number of hours needed to rest and can manage your own schedule yourself. Another advantage is that since you can workout at your convenience, you are more likely to stick with the training and, therefore, realize your goals faster.
Why an Indian Online personal trainer?

As I mentioned earlier, the reason which made me inclined towards an Indian trainer was that he stood a better chance of understanding our food habits than any foreigner. It was much more convenient to get in touch with Nipun from various mediums. You can write to him on Facebook, call him on his mobile, or in case, you are in Delhi, go and meet him personally. The guy is as knowledgeable as any in the western world. Even the money I paid him was just to guide me for first three months. I remember that I am still asking him to clear my doubts on many subjects and he is still as kind to reply was before 
Nipun Jain Online Personal Trainer India
Nipun Jain flexing some muscles
Nipun Jain Contact Details

In case, you would like to get in touch with him, you can:

or send him a personal friend request at:

I remember, he has a website as well but I never felt the need to visit it – all due to his personalized prompt attention. You can find his mobile number on his fan page in case of any urgent requests/advice.   

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