Proven method to beat motion sickness India – works like magic

“O dear Himalaya…why are you so amazing, can I kiss your peak or can I just let your silence speak…O dear Himalaya…” Santosh Kalwar
Indian mountain ranges are treat for any nature lovers in the world. Those shiny sparkling cloud kissing Himalayas snowy peaks are full of different aspects of life and traveling to experience them from close could be one of the most memorable moments you can remember for rest of your life. 
As they say good things come with hard work and the hardest thing to reach those beautiful mountains are the curvy and usually bumpy hilly roads which lead to them. I have been victim of motion sickness many times in the past and realized not even taking any medication helped practically. I am someone who loves nature and love more to be closer to them but afraid to travel long hours on mountain road as it comes with danger of being sick. During my last trip to Himalayas I was able to get solution for this ugly and embarrassing dieses called “Motion Sickness” and I penning down those tips here so others can befit from it       
Magic of Ginger
It works like magic, chew some fresh ginger before your journey and you will never remember that there is any disease called motion sickness. How, Why, What and the science behind how Ginger helps in curing motion sickness is explained here and here. I have personally tried this in my last trip and it seriously did wonders, TRY it to believe it.
Recommendation            –              Very HIGH
Take the Front Seat
Yes it helps amazingly to get the drivers view while travelling on mountain roads as it helps your inner ear and brain get in sync. Again the science behind this is explained HERE
Recommendation            –              Very High
These were the tricks and remedies I tried during my last 500 kilometers trip in Himalayas and not even once I was disturbed by old devil called motion sickness. Try it once you will thank me rest of your life if you suffer with motion sickness.                   

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