IRCTC Executive Lounge Review & Contact Details

IRCTC Executive Lounge Entrance  

“यात्रिगन  कृपया ध्यान दे, ट्रेन नंबर 12502, कानपुर – इलाहाबाद के रास्ते गुवाहाटी को जाने  वाली, पूर्वोत्तर संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस अपने निर्धारित समय से 6 घंटे की देरी से जाएगी। असुविधा के लिए खेद है”

Indian railway did it again, my train Poorvottar Sapt Kranti 12502 to Allahabad was delayed around 7 hours, all of a sudden my 11:45 pm train was reschedule at 6:30 am. It was really difficult to wait 7 hours in Delhi’s cold night and I was in two minds if I should cancel the journey and go back home or go to the budget traveller’s paradise next door Paharganj, take a hotel, catch some rest and take the train in the morning. Of course my love for Sangam (Allahabad) did not let me scrap the journey and I decided for the second option and started to move towards Pahargang. All of a sudden I saw an advertisement board of IRCTC executive lounge on platform 1 and to save myself from Hustle of Pahargang I decided to give them a call. The IRCTC lounge is located on platform 16 (Ajmeri Gate side) just next to clock room and opposite to tourism information Centre (Rail Office.

IRCTC Executive Lounge – Interiors

Once I entered inside it’s a little Disney land with well trained and modern staff (yes surprise, the staff was fluent in English & well groomed) and very clean. They charged around 300 rupees for first 3 hours and 125 rupees per hour after that, which includes onetime Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner or snacks. They took my Address and other information details at the reception and clicked my picture through webcam (I said modern). After taking 50 rupees as a security deposit (refundable) I was given a smart card to enter the lounge and other services. Was impressed with the interiors and services they offered and as I think not so many people know about them yet so it was mostly empty that time. They had a small shop packed with chocolates, biscuits chips and other refreshments (Paid) and if I remember correctly they have a mini book store as well. Overall very much pleased with the services they offered and highly recommend to everyone who is suffering from the laziness of Indian Railways      

Quick Details
 Name                                   –               IRCTC Executive Lounge
 Where                                  –               New Delhi Railway Station (Platform no. 16)
 Charges                                –               300 rupees for 3 hours and RS 125  per hour
 Contact for Booking             –               011-23213487

    •  24*7 Open
    • ree Wi-Fi for mobile & Laptop users.
    • 10 minute complimentary usage of PC (in case you do not have mobile or laptop)
    • Print/Scan/Fax Service Available
    • Print per Page Rs.5/-
    • Scan Per Page Rs.5/-
    • Mini Store Available Inside for Books, Chocolates, Cool Drink and Snacks Items
    • Complimentary news Paper Available
    •  Four Beds Available for Sleeping which is Provided on the Basis of First come first serve Basis and for Senior Citizens
    •  Train Arrival/Departure information Available 

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