Best Hindi Sad Songs list… let your heart CRY – Updated 2014

Music is your best friend. It is a companion who can never show a back. It is something which is relieving and breathtaking at the same time, satin-like and rocking as well, heart-breaking yet holding on to it. It is something you hear with the first streak of sunlight when the birds fly above covering the whole sky and uttering small beautiful notes of smile, love, laughter and cheer!

It also flows down with those playful waves of water which fall down the high mountains and spread across the plains – quenching the dryness and slowly falling into a soft humming synchrony.

Music come with the rustling of leaves in the green forests as a soul steps its feet on the ground. Why – doesn’t it also appear when it rains heavily and later, a soft breeze blows the tears off someone’s face as she peeps outside her window…she feels her pain revive and her tears trickle in the form of melodies of love – of parting – of sadness and reclusion.

Music helps you to let your emotions CRY. So for all the bad times or the good times, today I present you my favorite Hindi sad songs list.

Din Dhal Jaaye Haaye Raat Na Jaye

Movie – Guide
Singer – Mohammad Rafi

One of my all-time favorite song, from the simple yet heart touching lyrics by Shailendra, Makhmali singing by Rafi Saheb and extraordinary onscreen performance by Dev Anand ji everything is so memorable about it. Every time when I hear “Pyar mein jinke sab jag choda aur hue badnaam…. Unke hi hanthon haal hua hai baithe hai dil ko thaam” my heart stops and get lost in the pain of the GUIDE Raju.

Tere Khusboo Mein Base Khat

Movie – Arth
Singer – Jagjit Singh
I was introduced to this fantastic song by one my colleague in my last company. It’s a Ghazal (some people say Nazm?) from the movie full of other musical jewels Arth and sung by the Ghazal maestro JagJit Singh ji, he is no more with us now but his voice will be always around. It takes us back to world where writing letters was the only way to reach to our loved ones. Bas Ab kaha Kalmo se pyar ki barsaat hoti hai.. Ab payar SMS se Kiya jata hai” one beautiful line from this masterpiece “Jinka Har Labz Mujhe Yaad Hai Paani Ki tarah.. Yaad Hai Mujhko Paigam E Nishani ki taram”

Woh Jab Yaad Aaye

Movie – Parasmani
Singer – Lata – Rafi
Always a pleasure to hear, such wonderful lyrics and nothing can beat the Jodi of Lata – Rafi. No matter how many times I play it, it never gets old. “ Kai baar Aisa Bhi Dhoka Hua Hai, Chale Aa Rahe Hai Wo Nazre Jhukaye”
DownloadWoh Jab Yaad Aaye

Ja Rahe Ho Sanam Door Mujhse Agar

Album – Unknown
Singer – Ganesh Hegde
this song is basically is a prayer from the lovers to their loved ones not to knock on the door again when they decided to move on. The lyrics are touching and can easily make you cry if you have ever felt the pain of separation. “tumne maangi dua humko miley har khushi, tum hi meri khushi phir kyun miley na hamein?”
Download Ja Rahe Ho Agar

Koi Ye Kaise Bataye Movie – Arth

Singer Jagjit Singh
Another masterpiece from Jagjit sing and Arth, you should watch this movie once just for brilliant songs in it. I wonder how Jagjit could sing so amazingly. The lyrics are soulful and go deep inside. “Kehte Hai Pyar Ka Rishta hai janam ka rishta.. Hai Janam Ka ye Rishta to Phir Badalta Kyu hai?”
DownloadKoi Ye Kaise Bataye

Aap ke Pehloo mein aake Movie – Mera Saaya 1966

Singer – Mohammed Rafi
A lovely song sung by non-other than the Great Mohammed Rafi Saheb. Each line of this magical song mesmerizes you to another world.   

Lambi Judai – HERO 1983

Singer – Reshma

Possibly the most different and unique voice you will ever come across, Reshma the Pakistani singer has sung her heart out in this song. Lyrics of this song is quite simple but memorable.. maut na aai.. teri yaad kyu aayi…. Lambi Judai

DownloadLambi Judai

Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar – Arth
Singer – Jagjit Singh

Its part of my most played songs list in my mobile, almost all songs of this movie are memorable and it’s magic of Jagjit Singh’s lovely voice and simple yet so impactful lyrics… Teri Ummeed Pe Thukra Raha Hu Duniya Ko..

Download Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana – Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein
Singer:  KK

Ohh boy this one is all time favorite for people who have suffered pain of separation. The song was highlight of this movie and still popular with the youth brigade. KK really shows his class here  

Download Sach Keh Raha hai Deewana

Tere Bina Zindagi se Koi – Aandhi 1975
Singer:  Lata – Kishore

A walk in to old lanes..  This song is what is called perfection, lyrics by Great Gulzar, music by R.D Burman, most memorable voice of Bollywood Kishore Da & Lata Ji. Like many other gems from these two this song will live For-Ever .. “Sundar Saath ho Manzilo ki Kami to nahi”… 

Download Tere Bina Zindagi se Koi

Wafa jo Tumse Kabhi maine – Daddy 1991
Singer: Talat Aziz 

you have to listen it to feel the pain, Talat Aziz has opened his heart out in this one, what beautiful lyrics, melody, one of my MOST favorite sad Hindi song ever..  download it today and i promise you will listen to it for rest of your life

hotee gairat toh tere sath hee mar jate sajan
lash kandho peh yu apanee naa uthhayee hotee
hath kya aaya mere yek siyahee key siwa
dekhane hal meraa too bhee tab aayee hotee

Download Wafa Jo tumse Kabhi maine

Tune Meri Jana Kabhi Nahi Jana – Emptiness
Rohan Rathode

This song was created by some marketing guru for sure. Rumor was that an iitian madly in love with a girl and she dies of cancer or some other illness, the IITian boy misses her so much and composed this song his friends shared it with each other and it went viral all this is fake but it’s really a good song. The voice of IITian boy: D is surprisingly very unique and feels fresh. Lyrics are also very simple and catchy.
Download – Tune Meri Jana

Maye ni Maye Mere
Jagjit Singh

This song in Punjabi and by Punjabi I mean theth Punjabi. The language may be alien to me but I felt the pain of this song when I heard it for the first time. No one could have sung this better than Jagjit Singh. Also the original writer of this poem Shiv…. according to legends lost his love twice and died in early age have literally written this from blood of his heart.

Download – Maye ni Maye

Best Hindi Sad Songs of 2013

Bhula Dena Mujhe – Aashiqui 2
Mustafa Zahid

Keeping the trend alive from original Aashiqui the remake also has some wonderful songs. Bhula dena is a highly emotional song from the film which will touch your heart. Mustafa Zahid a rock artist from Pakistan have sung the song beautifully.

Download –  Bhula Dena 

some other favorite sad Hindi songs

Mera Jeevan Kora Kagaz

Tune Mujhe Pehchaana Nahin – Rachu Chacha

What are your favorite sad Hindi songs?

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