Rockstar Movie Review – "Mohit Chauhan is Bigger Rockstar"

The rockstar of the movie, if any, was Mohit Chauhan!

In one line- Average movie with good music. A. R. Rehman has never let us down, has he? Ok now, to the movie. Really not upto the mark. Let me criticize first, and then probably neutralize it! A dumb actress who missed her dialogue delivery classes before shoot. Infact in the initial first half, I wanted to hide myself for such pathetic dialogue delivery. In the second half, probably I got used to it. The woman looked like Angeline Jolie, with the pout and all that, she had beautiful hair, but that’s it. Kingfisher calendar shoot is much difficult than a full-fledged movie, after all.

About the so called humor: It sucked, big time. The first half was supposed to be funny, I read! But who gets amused by lame samosa-chutney jokes these days! And really there was NO humor in the canteen guy’s overzealous advices of an-artist’s-life-is-full-of-pain shit. Besides, Ranbir Kapoor (aka Janardan- alias Jordan) just went to talk to the girl because his college canteen guy told him that he needed to have a love life/a broken one to be a soulful artist.

Anyways, the ‘story’ (if there was any) was badly done. There was just a meager 10% content, which they wanted to convey as 100% – failed miserably. The guy wants to be a rockstar–needs a girl–gets her almost–she has a fatal disease–she dies–the guy is a rockstar. That IS it.

Sure there is experimentation — in cinematography, music, camerawork. But when you do all that, you have an added responsibility to make it work. Not everyone can be a Farhan Akhtar. Rock On was a class apart. Wish Imtiaz had shared his pre-filming woes with Farhan. Now if I actually come to think of it, Rockstar wasn’t 10% of Rock On!

Some people feel being experimental is cool; indeed it is, given you can bring it out effectively. Ranbir did his best, but it seemed purposeless after a certain point. Good try, but something in him, in his actions was purposeless.

In a strangely honest way, I feel the movie was for Mohit Chauhan. He nailed it. The songs in his voice have been a pleasure. The rockstar of the movie, if any, would be Mohit Chauhan. Two or three songs were just amazingly arranged and composed. His songs just linger cack home with you. This is how a pro is differentiated in the herd. Rehman has turned the music upside down, but what a way to do it! It sounds fabulous. I want to give a special mention to the song, ‘hawa hawa’, beautifully put together. When you experiment, you got to be extra careful of not making it just appeal to yourself!

How could I miss the cameo by Shammi Kapoor! His presence brought warmth to the film. That he is no more, made his appearance special. The bits of shehnai here & there was like icing on the cake of music. Also, at certain places the chemistry between the lead pair did work. The scenes, apparently Kashmir, were just wonderful. ‘Katiya karoon’ in the background kept things moving. The Kashmiri touch in clothes, the wedding style, everything very pleasant.

I just wish these fragments of good show fitted each other well to make it into something bigger and grander.

Surprisingly I hear news of Ranbir having hiked his fee to 15 crore after this movie. Not worth it. I mean he is decent, but really not THERE yet. He tried too hard. I can’t see much improvement/experimentation in his acting since ‘wake up sid’. He looks silly! But may be because of dearth of new faces, Ranbir has become popular. Acting skills need improvement, still. He looks unnatural. But if anyone in the movie tried hardest to keep it alive, it was him. Others failed flat.

How much ever hard work you put in, it has to be backed by a good, interesting storyline. It was just another love story with too much loud (and good) music.

Now let me quote one of my friend, about the movie “An ‘artist’ is an ‘artist’ because he is passionate about “ART”; not because he is passionate about a woman, and is ready to leave his audience waiting and live show canceled for no reason. The movie was incorrectly named “Rockstar”. It should have been named “Another love story”.

I give 10/10 to the music, 7/10 to Ranbir, 2/10 to Nargis, 10/10 to Rehman, and 5/10 to Imtiaz. With that, I sign off!


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