List Of Romantic Hindi Songs – Must Listen

Top 10 Soft romantic songs

“I am happy to announce that we have a guest writer for our blog; she is a colleague of mine and will share her favorite Hindi songs”

Hello everyone, I am Komal Sharma, and just like all of you, I am also a music lover who likes to share her thoughts on what she likes. I present to you a selection of songs which I really admire. These songs have touched many hearts. I hope you all enjoy these and share your thoughts with me too.

1) Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe le Chal Kahin (Rang de Basanti)

This is a beautiful calm song, picturized on Soha Ali Khan and R. Madhvan from the famous movie Rang De Basanti. The song takes you in a world where there is so much joy…and the true happiness which lies in love. It says…that all my happiness lies in you…it lies where you are. A true dedication to your loved one.
“jise tu gungunaye meri dhun hai wahin, jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin”…..these words can hardly leave any heart untouched.

2) Chal chalein apne ghar…(Who Lamhe)

I don’t know what to say about this song…the moment it starts…the music sets the tone. It is as romantic as it could get…the song is from the movie Who Lamhe, where Shiny Ahuja takes care of a mentally sick Kangna Ranaut…the songs takes you through the stages of love between a couple…how much he/she can do for the other one…the extent to which he can care for her..the depth of his love is shown in his care for her …like a baby he makes her eat, get ready, combs her hair, reads her books, takes her for a walk, in every small way, bringing a smile on her lips..

3) Dil hoom hoom kare… (Rudali)

This masterpiece is from the movie Rudali…sung by the maestro, Bhupendra Hazarika. It takes you to the sand dunes of Rajasthan…a lonely woman…crying for the loss of her partner…it just makes you feel like crying. The husky voice of Bhupendra Hazarika…touches you at a level, rarely any other song manages to reach. An eternal song of love…pain…separation…and the fact that love never dies…as it’s a feeling …an immortal feeling which can never cease to exist.

4) Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi…(Ghajini)

Aamir Khan is madly in love with Asin…he cherishes the pure love she has for him…the real person he is and not the business tycoon. He has fallen for her simplicity and genuineness. This song is a heartfelt note . This song has some really beautiful and deep lyrics…
main toh yeh sochata tha, ke aaj kal uparwale ko fursat nahi…phir bhi tumhe banaake woh, meri nazar mein chadh gaya…rutbe main woh aur badh gaya…. Simply outstanding, deep, and thoughtful lyrics.

5)Nahin saamnein ye alag baat hai… (Taal)

Akshay Khanna and Aishwarya Rai…Manav and Manasi…are in love…Manav is separated from his Manasi due to the circumstances, and has realized that it was his fault for the misunderstanding. He madly wants her back…he can do anything to get her back…he has faith in the power of true love. This song takes us through the emotions he feels when he is separated from his lover…

6) Mere sang to’ chal zara (New York)

Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Jhon Abraham are three friends, studying in New York. They become victims of the anti-Indian/Muslim sentiments post 9/11 in America. In the song…Katrina is trying to make her lover Jhon Abraham feel secured…She is helping him to come out of his depression due to the forced conviction he faced…even though he was innocent. A lovely song that touches your soul and emphasizes on the thought – ‘being there for your loved one, no matter what’.

7) Na hai ye…paana..tum se hi.. (Jab we met)

 Tum se hee din hota hai…surmayi sham aati hai…tum se hee.. tum se hee… na hai ye…paana…a superb song… Shahid and Kareena share a great chemistry in this movie. Geet (Karrena) shows Shahid the way to live life…it’s a bubbly film of their romance and what all it takes to realize that you have found your true love. Mohit Chauhan has made this an immortal can listen to it so many time in a go, that you will lose count.

8) Aankhon mein teri…ajab si ajab si..(Oom Shanti Oom)

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone have a soft…naïve love beginning between them…one is a celebrity actress, the other one is just a side actor…This song in singer Abhijeet’s voice has so much eaze around it…it gives so much time to feel each and every work deeply…An all time favourite song!! ‘Teri nazroon ne dil ka kiya jo hasher…asar ye hua…..ub in mein hee doob ke mar jaaon main..yahi hai dua…’

9)Oo Sathi Ree.. (Omkara)

The movie..based on the play ‘Othello’ was a classic, as the book. This song here clearly underlines the turmoil of emotions in the leading lady (Kareena) and hero (Ajay Devgan’s) hearts…”Jealousy” is the word…The husband starts to believe that his wife is cheating on him, even when she is not. It is the master mind of the villain (Saif Ali Khan) who ends up being successful in his mission of separating the two.

10) Tu hee meri shab hai…(Gangster)

This story of a Gangster is a real tough movie, which underpins subtle emotions…Shiney Ahuja (the gangster) falls in love with Kangna Ranaut…He wants to leave his negative ways to be with her…but destiny has different plans for him. This beautiful song here expresses how the lady in his life has changed his world forever…

Many more songs to come….Keep reading….and be with me in this musical journey… Komal Sharma

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