Best Ghazals of Jagjit Singh.. Top 10 my Favorite

“Akhri hichki teray zanon pay aye. Maut bhi mayn shairana chahta hon …

Thak gaya mai karte karte yaad tumko Ab tujhay mayn yaad ana chahta hon…..”
It is not just his overwhelmingly heart-tugging voice and serene rendition of ghazals that will stay with his admirers. For there are far too many accomplishments that grace the legend of Jagjit Singh.

Yeah it’s still difficult to believe that he left us but before leaving he gave us something which will always remind us of his great work, He was not the first Ghazal singer. But he was the first one to sing the ones which college guys like me could understand, something which travelled heart to hearts. He brought Ghazals to common man.
Here’s looking back at the legendary singer’s best-loved numbers or say my favorite Jagjit Singh Ghazals

1.     Pyar ka Pehla Khat Likhne mein 
“Naye parindo ko udne mein Waqt to lagta hai”…
This is the song which brought me close to Jagjit Singh’s magic world, so deep lyrics and his magical singing makes it my most favorite Ghazal sung by this maestro. I am and I am sure I will be in love with this song forever
2.     Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar
“Teri Ummeed pe thukra raha hu Duniya ko.. Tujhe bhi apne pe wo aitbaar hai ki nahi.. Daba Daba Sa sahi”…..
I saw the Movie Arth because of this song and found some other beautiful songs compose and sung by Jagjit singh ji. This is on no.3 in my mobile’s most played songs list.
3.     Kabhi yu bhi to ho…

“ye baadal aisaa Tuut ke barase, mere dil ki tarah milane ko, tumhaaraa dil bhii  tarase, tum nikalo ghar se’’….. Resham si aawaz aur virah ka raag.. aameen 

4.     Teri Khushboo Mein Base Khat..

“Tere Khat aaj mai Ganga Mein Baha aaya hu… Aag bathe hue paani mein laga aayaa hu”….

I can listen it to thousands of times.. This is connected to almost every young boy… In those emotionally turbulent and messed up times; Jagjit’s ghazals were an anchor for guys like me.
5.     Yeh daulat bhi le lo, Jazbah

‘…Magar mujhko lautado bachpan ka sawaan.Woh kaagaz ki kasti, woh baarish ka paani…’

Switch it on and get lost in the beautiful and carefree childhood days.. EverGreen you will be missed….. a lot   
6.     Hothon se choo lo tum, Prem Geet

“Jag ne Cheena Mujhse.. mujhe job hi laga pyara”….

One of his most famous Filmi hits, he was nominated for filmfare award for the same
7.     Koi Ye Kaise Bataye… Arth

   “Another masterpiece from Arth”…
8.     Tumko Dekha to Ye Khyal Aaaya 

“Aaj Phir Dil ne ek tamanna ki… aaj Phir Dil ne Humko samjhaya”

Javed Akhtar’s enchanting imagery, Kuldip Singh’s mellifluous tune, Jagjit Singh’s expressive recital. There’s much to enjoy in this timeless melody from Saath Saath, a marital drama starring Farookh Shaikh and Deepti Naval.  
9.     Hazaron khwaishen aisi, Mirza Ghalib
It takes me to a different world… sach hazaro Khwaishe aisi ki har Khwaish pe dum nikle
10.    Chithi na Koi Sandesh

“Ek Aah bhari hogi.. humne na suni hogi.. Jaate Jaate tumne aawaz to di hogi”… 

The first song I played after the sad news 

There are many more gems to be listed and I know I have missed many but I said before these are my favorite ones…
In last I would just say that there can only be one Jagjit Singh, he brought so much joy through his music. May his soul rest in peace am sure he will live forever in the human hearts through his soothing music

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