I Love you…grrrrr, yes I really DO

With these passing days and people giving some of them special names for celebration, I used to wonder if they really served any purpose?! A mob of confused feelings within the throat but never making it ahead.. entangling amongst each other ..thinking which one to voice first and how… and lots of thoughts conflicting whether to express or not to and how..lots of questions about when.. today I have a self realization..these special days were people like me..so that people like me can at least think today as an appropriate day to express to someone like you..express that I like your ways.. I like how you think and wonder how we might gel..so do you think we click..errr…n do you think we click more than just good friends?. I was wondering how you had feel about us being together…. my heart says I like you, We retain what we are uptil today if you think some other way..but just in case you think it was worth a go….then I will be waiting…

I don’t Promise you the moon…
…I don’t Promise you the stars…
…but if you Promise to remember me…
…I Promise to Always be there thinking of You.

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