2010 Football World Cup – Football Shootball Hai Rabba

In a world of cricket crazy country I have recently bitten by Football virus,, this game is damm awesome, before this FIFA 2010 world cup I never liked football much or say never got a chance to like it, my knowledge about Football was only limited to Pele, maradona, Brazil and Ronaldo etc. I am glad I am introduced to the world of Soccer and at the same time very sad that we can not see team India in this biggest sports event, Its a shame for India 1 billion people and only one active team in cricket, that too losses against Zimbabwe.??? And due to my limited knowledge about Football I asked a friend of mine that why India didn’t qualified in this world cup? He gave me a strange hard look and told me to wait for another 100 years  so I am supporting Argentina this time because of Messi and Maradona, good luck Argentina

Who is your favorite player in this world cup? And which team are you supporting? Predict your 2010 winner

2 thoughts on “2010 Football World Cup – Football Shootball Hai Rabba

  1. I have been asked that question umpteen number of times and this time some small kids asked me the same and I could not really find an excuse. Why is it so that we have kids playing football all around even in India but we have not been able to groom a world class team????


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