Trip to Varanasi – My Spiritual Journey

Varanasi GhatsWow it felt amazing to be in Varanasi… The City of temples. It was a long and pretty relaxed trip after such a long time and I covered many places this time and luckily met my friends too. This time it was a pre-planned trip so everything went very well. I had booked a direct ticked in Garib rath from Delhi to Varanasi. The train was good and I had a great time with a very nice co passenger… She was from Varanasi and a reporter by profession. She came to Delhi to attend a conference on health related stuff (Don’t remember exactly) the funny thing was we both sharing the same ringtone (Aaoge Jab tum Sajna) and every time when her phone rang I use to search for my mobile :D. like every other time I went in to the train without any kind of food and not even a bottle of water. I thought the train would have pantry coach in it and I would buy something to eat from it but my bad luck there was no pantry coach in Varanasi Garib Rath and I came to know about this by the same girl. I was pretty sad to know this and was fully dependant on my almonds then. But after sometime I was pretty hungry and sat very silently on my seat. She understood it and requested to share her dinner with her but as Papa mummy told me in my childhood days (Train Mein Kisi Ka Diya Hua Kuch bhi nahi khana chahiye ) I was bit sacred to do so. But my hungry tummy won over my heart’s worry and I shared her dinner hesitantly. After dinner we both slept on our seats. I woke up around 6.30 in the morning and came to know that the train was late by 3 hours. She joined me again around 8.30 or so and we did loads of talking again. Finally the much awaited Varanasi JN came and we bid byes and thanks to each other.
Varanasi MorningI didn’t have much cash in my pocket and left in search of an ATM from the junction. I then gave a call to Rajesh. He had a hotel near to Mansarovar Ghaat whose name I forgot the name but it was pretty clean and had a good view of Ganges from the balcony. I completed all the formalities and as everyone else the hotel manager was also shocked to know a 20 year old guy choose Varanasi for his first trip: D. I got a room on first floor and was pretty tired and hungry. I took a bath and then went to market for cash and food. I came back to my hotel then and slept for 2-3 hours. After waking up when I opened my balcony room I was excited to know about my neighbors 2 boys and 2 girls from some French country (Denmark I think) we soon became friends and left for the evening Aarti at Dasaswamegh Ghat by boat.
The aarti ceremony provides a spectacular visual sight, a sublime spiritual experience and a purgative journey for the pious. We were back to the hotel by 8.30 and I started watching India Vs Pakistan champion’s trophy match in which India lost. I woke up in the morning around 5.30 took bath and left for the baba Vishwnath Temple. As camera and mobile were not allowed inside the temple, I had to deposit these in some shop nearby which had locker facilities. The shop owner then forcefully gave me all Pooja items in a basket – flowers, milk and sweets. It was 6.15 by that time so the temple wasn’t very crowded with the Bhaktjans. It felt amazing to be in the temple something which I can not describe in words. The feeling of touching the Baba Vishwnath Shivling was amazing. I went to Maa Chintpurni temple which was inside the Baba Vishwnath temple area. It was more crowded because of Navratra. From here, I took a rickshaw to Sankat Mochan Temple (Hanuman Mandir). Enroute to the temple, I saw Durga temple and Tulsi Manas Mandir, both of which were quite famous. I also went to the Kal bhairav and BHU Birla Mandir (New Vishwnath Temple).
New BHU TempleI got a call from my Mama Ji who is in PAC force and was posted at Vindhyanchal Dham that time. He asked me to come for Darshan at Vindhyanchal Dham which is around 70-80 kilometers from Varanasi. I took a general ticket by giving 50 rupees to coolie (33 fare and 17 rupees his commission for instant ticket) and then went to T.T and gave him 100 rupees for birth in AC coach. I reached Vindhanchal dham around 2.00 pm and my Mama Ji was waiting at station in his uniform and service gun. It was the nice feeling to see him in his official dress for the first time. Vindhanchal was very crowded that time with devotees because of Navratra and there was a 2 Kilometers long queue from the main gate to temple but one of his friend took me straight in to main temple and sent me in to main temple area where no one allowed except priests. I touched Maa Vindwasini’s feet and gave 50 rupees to the priest for direct admission :D. I left for Gopiganj from Vindhyanchal Dham to meet my moms Aunt and her family. I stay there for night and left for Allahabad in morning. I went to my Mami ji’s place Naini Allahabad and stay there for 2 days and went to my hometown (Nawabganj Allahabad) after that and participated in Shrad ceremony of my grandfather. And it was the end of the best week of my 20 year old life. I would love to be again in Varanasi I feel so connected, as if I never left, as if I will keep coming back, as if a part of me will always be there…. in the past, present and future.

7 thoughts on “Trip to Varanasi – My Spiritual Journey

  1. Bahut acche rohit akele hi ghum ker aagye dosto ko bhi nhi pucha, well us press reporter ka naam nhi likha jo train me mili thi, number liya kya nhi??
    nice journy & picture r very good
    carry on….


  2. you have elaborated your journey so well and pics are so nice specailly the river site pics, its so pure, i like reading it a lot


  3. बनारस जा के वाकई बहुत अच्छा महसूस होता है, कुछ ऐसा हो शायद शब्दों में बयां नहीं किया जा सके. चाहे हो गंगा में नौका विहार हो या मंदिर में शिवलिंग को छूना…या दूर दूर तक अनगिनत मंदिरों को देखना.

    तुम्हारा संस्मरण अच्छा लगा…


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