Alwida Nagarro but Friends Forever..

Hi friends. Finally I am writing something new on my blog. I was tied up with lots of new work and I was lost in a different new world. Everything has changed in my life from May 18th – new office, new responsibilities, new challenges and new goals. Life was fun at nagarro (my previous office) and I am missing all my nagarro friends here in my new office specially my colleagues my dear friends my family at nagarro.

It was great fun to be with you guys from Monday to Friday 9hours daily :), I’ll always be thankful to you guys for all the care, love and support. I would like to thanks Dhiraj sir for making me whatever I am today; I have really enjoyed working with him. I’ll always thankful to Misha ji she was always there in my good and bad times with me, she had solution of all my problems and she has an amazing heart which has love and care for everyone, life is bit complex without her :(. I would like to thank Taru, Shail and Danish Also for all their love, care and support I will miss you all my whole life, life is not as it used to be with you guys… there is lot to say about you guys but m falling short with words. Nagarro brings some special person in my life “Kitna bhi bura ya bhala ban jau aap log chodna nahi mujhe” in the end I would like to thanks nagarro for making my life’s two year special and memorable. I’ll miss you all.

“Because you are always there for me…to encourage me, to tell me that you care. Because of the way you make me feel…by knowing the right words to say, and when to say them. Because knowing you has made me a better person. Because of these reasons, and so many more, I love you, and always will”

14 thoughts on “Alwida Nagarro but Friends Forever..

  1. Speechless, worldless, missing you a lot, we are always there for you standing behind you and watching you growing and flourshing, “Best of Luck”
    “Say thanks on Chat”(Rohit's best diaglougue ever)


  2. बहुत खुब रोहित जी दुसरी कम्पनी मे जा कर भी ठीक वैसा ही महौल बनाये जैसा यहा पे बनाया था बाईनरी से लेकर नागैरो तक…….. सारी बाते सबको याद है लेकिन यादे सिर्फ यादे होती है .. ” यादे सिर्फ तारिखो और डायरी के पन्ने मे हो तो अच्छी लगती है….हकिकत मे ये ईमोशनल बनाती है प्रोफेसनल नही…”

    Thats y people said “Be professional”
    हा हा हा हा


  3. we all miss you very much..especially the DJaying that u did every day but playing lovely old songs.Wish you all the happiness in life and loads of good luck and blessings. Hope you add a new bunch of good friends to your circle in the new company. tc


  4. rajni said… @ who knows I'll ever find these kind of friends again in my life? may be yes but still I miss them my whole life Rajni


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