Memorable Moment – A Sweet Journey with an Unknown Girl

Sometimes I wonder how can I dare to do things like those? Where do I get courage to do such silly things which are completely against my nature? Something like that happened yesterday when I was returning from my hometown Allahabad to New Delhi. I had booked two tickets for my Mami and me but on last minute some important work came and she said she would not able to come with me. Now the tickets could not be cancelled because only one hour was left then I decided to move ahead alone. I was on platform no. 3 and was waiting for Purushottam Express that was late by 30 – 40 Minutes (Only :-)) so I was sitting on platform and listening to my favorite songs on my Sony music player. Suddenly I saw three beautiful girls and don’t how but waited and then approached them and offered my train birth which was vacant due to my mami’s last moment cancellation of program. Generally I am very shy and a guy of less words but I am still unable to believe that I went to them and offered them my train birth. It was my good luck they had ticket of Likchavi Express which was late by 6 hours. She had to catch another train from Delhi station at 7.30 in the morning so she converted her Likchavi Express’s ticket in to Purushottam Express ticket but still she wasn’t sure that she’ll get a vacant birth in train and was worried about it. She told me all this when be became friends between our train journey. Her beautiful cum dangerous friend whose name I don’t remember now but it was based on some Indian actress’ name, confirmed all the details from me (Coach number and seat number etc.) finally the train came. Surprisingly only was of the three girls joined me on the train and I came to know about this only when the train came. We both entered in train and sat on our seats.

She declined my first offer of snacks and then I gave her my music player to listen songs and she started listening songs on it. She was very quiet and listening songs for an hour or so after which she gave me the player back and said that I may be getting bored without music. I tried to convince her that its nothing like that but I must say she had a very sharp mind and a beautiful heart and said that she don’t like listening songs much and liked chatting. After that we started our long chatting series from around 9.30 to 12.15 in night and I came to know that she is such a sweet heart She told me that she was in Allahabad for her government job trainings and we chatted about her friends, family, job, dreams, likes, dislikes etc. She was surprised to see my love for namkeen and said “ Khana Nahi khate ho kya itni namkeen kha rahe ho”(1 big uncle chips packet, 1 packet of Kaju Mix Namkeen and one Moongdaal Namkeen with 1 liter fruity) I commented about her different and attractive hairstyle to which she replied with her beautiful smile that it’s uncomplicated to do that’s why she liked this hairstyle. After our long chatting hour we both went to sleep. She took the upper birth and lower one was mine. I told her earlier that I am not carrying any sheet or anything else to avoid freezing wind in the train. We both slept around 12.30 but around 2.30; I started feeling freezing wind on my body and was unable to sleep. After the little affinity that sprang up due to our short talks, I got up and woke her up telling her that I was feeling cold. She was kind enough to give me her sheet and after I settled cosily, she wrapped herself in her dupatta and went off to sleep. How caring and kind of her. We had shared a few lovely and memorable moments if only she reads this blog someday. and reads that I remember how she had warmly shared a few pictures with me and had also transferred them to my mobile 🙂 The journey was indeed a memorable one… 🙂

I didn’t know ever that I could be so open to an unknown person. It was the rarest of incidents which could happen with me but probably I had to meet her – a new person so nice to know. The otherwise hours-long journey lasted felt like a few engrossed chats exchanging life and things about me with the ‘ajnabi’ whom I met in the train. Nice journey!!

11 thoughts on “Memorable Moment – A Sweet Journey with an Unknown Girl

  1. khoobsoorat ehsaas hain aapke..aur dil mein gehraiyan bhari hai jo har pal ko mehsus karti hain :)Hope you guys meet again.


  2. yesterday i finished reading a wonderful book named, the 5 people we meet in heaven….the author explains how everything and everyone is part of a big jig-saw puzzle, and probably this incident was a part of that puzzle…hope u have her mobile no….if not for anything else then for the sake of social contact :-))


  3. वाह क्या बात है.. लकी यू..! मुझे भी ऐसी ही एक ट्रेन जर्नी याद आ गयी.. बॅट ओवर ऑल लिखा शानदार है.. कमाल का फ्लो है स्टार्ट टू एंड इंटेरेस्ट बना रहता है..


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