Rekha Bhardwaj – Best Female Voice in Recent Times

Singing is an art and varies singer to singer. God has chosen Rekha Bhardwaj to be one of the blessed ones who have a unique voice which goes deep down the heart because she sings from her heart. Her choices of songs also fall into a unique category and seems more inclined to a devoted, dedicated feeling. Whenever I have listened to her songs, her voice makes me sway with her rhythm. She has a voice to get absorbed into and pulls away from the world to a distinct abode of serenity.

I am in love with her voice.. Rekha Bhardwaj was an unknown singer for me until I heard her song Ek Woh Din Bhi the, on Puja upadhyay blog Lahrein. I liked the song straightaway because of her lovely voice and awesome lyrics written by Gulzar Saheb. I also wrote about this song on my blog. Since I heard this I song I fell in love with her and searched about her other songs and to my surprise she hasn’t sung much songs. Some of her famous songs include Namak Ishq Ka from Omkara, Tere Ishq mein from Ishqa Ishqa, Ek who din Bhi the from Chachi 420, Yeh kaisi chaap kadmon ki, Meri jaan – Bhagmati, She is wife of Vishal Bhardwaj and mostly Vishal has composed of her songs and Gulzar saheb has written the beautiful lyrics.

You Can Read her Interview With sunidhi Chauhan here

8 thoughts on “Rekha Bhardwaj – Best Female Voice in Recent Times

  1. “tere ishk me” mujhe bahut pasand hai, iska video dekha hai tumne? sufi songs behad khoobsoorati se gaati hain rekha. good choice 🙂 aur kuch pasand aane par uske bare me research karte ho…acchi aadat hai.


  2. she has a lovely voice mate Although she’d lent her voice for Maachis and Maqbool, it was with Omkara that Rekha Bhardwaj shot into limelight. Bipasha Basu may have sizzled in the ‘Namak’ video, but shut your eyes and it is the rustic yet sensual appeal of Rekha’s voice that stays on in your mind for long.


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