Lamhe – The Moments of Life

Lamhe (Moments) is a movie by Yash Chopra on mother-man-daughter love triangle. I have seen this film earlier in my childhood days but didn’t like it at all because of its different story and no maardhad (I liked action movies very much in my childhood days) and the other reason was to see Anil Kapoor without his moustache for the first time. This movie is one of the favorite movies of my best friend and she has described it as one the best movie she have ever seen (I believe her because she doesn’t lie and the facts says the same thing. It is in the Outlook magazine’s list of All-Time Great Indian films.) Luckily I have seen this movie on SAB TV yesterday and thought I should watch it. Things have changed within me and my nature and a though didn’t like it earlier, this time i really liked it. The 10 years’ time gap is really evident and I have changed a lot and so has my choice. Hope you all know about the story and if now then you must heard song of this movie Morni baga mein bole aadhi raat ma. … Chanan chan chudiya khanak gayi haath maa and Meri Bindiya teri Nindia na uda de to kahna… The beauty of this movie lies in the craziness of the way in which people fall in love with each other straying away the age-gaps. The beautiful ways in which, all characters address each other with respect showing core Rajasthani culture is moving. Lovely are the dresses of SriDevi –the best one being the yellow lehanga she wore when she dances onto the beats of “Morni baaga ma”. The film has been given a romantic beginning where young Anil Kapoor falls in love with a little older SriDevi and the song ‘Megha Re Megha’ I must say, fills me with of ecstasy.

The movie in the second half when the daughter of old SriDevi has been shown is lovely. It is full of fun and the chemistry with Anupam Kher is just amazing. A really charming scene is shown with SriDevi is watering the garden and singing some very melodious lines ‘Mera mann tarsa re, paani kyu barsa re..tune kisko yaad kiya’.

The movie closes with a very touching scene when SriDevi goes back to her audience at night where she addresses the audience relating stories of ‘Rana ji and his love’ with a sad heart but finally is able to find her love – Kunwar ji who comes back to her after realizing that he too is in love with her. Amazing, breathtaking and so involving is what Lamhe is..

The film wasn’t a big money maker for Yash Chopra but the film was critically acclaimed, had exceptional music and did brilliant business in UK. The movie had won many awards including filmfare best Film, Best Actress – Sri Devi, Best Comedian – Anupam Kher, Best Story – Honey Irani, Best Dialogue – Dr. Rahi Masoom Reza, It is also one of the biggest Bollywood hits in the overseas market and video circuit. The film finds a place in the Times Movie Guide’s Top 100 Indian films. It is also in the Outlook magazine’s list of All-Time Great Indian films.

In last, I realized that yes things change with time and I have liked a movie that I didn’t like earlier… and difference between them is TIME…

5 thoughts on “Lamhe – The Moments of Life

  1. Beautiful movie with a different concept. Also Sridevi looks amazing in this movie..I really wondered that u like the movie as it is just opposite to your likings…:) anyways you are really going good in writing variety of posts in your blog. Keep up the Good job..


  2. अपने वक़्त से कही आगे की मूवी थी….इसलिए शायद अब कुछ लोग इसे क्लासिक भी कहे …पर हाँ यश चोपडा ने कुछ अलग करने का सहस किया था तब


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog n appreciating my wp…well i havn’t seen the movie Lamhe still…bt after such a beutiful description of urs i wud definitely like to see it 🙂


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