Torsha Sarkar : The Next Indian Idol

Torsha Sarkar

Torsha Sarkar, the girl from a small place of west Bengal rocking Indian Idol 4. Torsha is queen of a very beautiful and unique voice. She has a very cute face but a much better and different voice. I love her voice.. The first song she sang in Piano round Baiyan Na Dharo was a good beginning but that was yet to come in next round she sing ‘Chura liya hai Tumne jo dil ko’ was awesome. I am watching Indian idol from the very First session but never voted to anyone but if required will definitely vote for Torsha. She has a different magic in her voice. I’ll pay to watch this girl singing!

Torsha Sarkar Brief Profile

TORSHA has completed her 10+2 from A.G SODEPUR after that she moved to Bengluru for her further studies to complete her BSC from there. She has come from a very good background though there is no one in her home who is engaged in professional singing. Her dad is a skin specialist and mom is a housewife. Her younger sister is in class 11th. From the very beginning she has been dedicated to music. Torsha has also performed many times in school and won several competitions. Her idols are KAILASH KHER and SHREYA GHOSAL. She likes Alka Yagnik Also. Like all of us she hates studying much…after learning 4 – 8 yrs she in now ready to rock the stage of Indian Idol 4…She is beautiful, peace loving girl, completely dedicated towards music, having a mild and calm nature and always aims high…


Torsha means: Turbulent river.

Nature: My nature is completely opposite to my name. I am shy, quiet and reserved

Fear: Cameras make me nervous

Inspiration: Shreya Ghoshal. She inspired me to sing and to pursue it seriously

Strength: My voice

Achievement: First person to win the School Idol Award

One thing I would like to change in myself: I would like to change being shy

Pals on Indian Idol 4: Pooja, Mohit, Keshav and Priyanka

If I become the Indian Idol, I will: Help my father complete his hospital


10 thoughts on “Torsha Sarkar : The Next Indian Idol

  1. yes rohit,these days i’m not access my blog……. but rohit i give u my Identity “sorulink”(I am savita and working in Child Commission as Librarian and i ask u some help) u remember?….bye Rohit your good job please continue…..


  2. Torsha – Turbulent river – her name is not opposite to her nature, her voice forms a part of her personality too and her voice is full of the beauty of a Turbulent river which can move in whichever way it wants – adapting any song to its voice beautifully.All the best.


  3. Torsha Sarkar is a very beautiful Indian girl from Bengali background. Even though I’m not from India (though of Indian ancestry), I’ve found out over the years that Bengal produces very beautiful girls like Torsha. I really envy her as she was the person who first introduced me to the song from the film: Dastak – Bhaiyan Na Dharo, and what a beautiful melodious voice she sang it with…WOW I just loved it! I’ve a good voice too, and so I decided to really master this song – Mukhda + plus all 3 Antras. But off course, I sang (Lata’s song) with a male voice and my friends told me after hearing my voice that it was equally as good, but off course it was in a male context. Anyway, back to Torsha. I like her calm and composed nature. And I also liked the fact when she said: “that if she won the Indian Idol 4 contest, she would donate the whole prize money of 1+crore to her papa’s Hospital, which is indeed a very noble cause in itself. All hats off to you Torsha. Imagine how many people in Bengal will benefit as a result of her gesture. Others are going to spend it on themselves, which is a selfish gesture. My vote is definitely for Torsha Sarkar, and may God bless her in her all good endevours. Sincerely, Saif Aly, Los Angeles, California, USA


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