Rohit Tripathi’s Blog – 1,000,000 Page load – 100th Post

I cannot believe that this is my 100th Post… I had started this blog to get famous on Internet and after 4 or 5 post I realized that it’s really enjoyable to write blogs. This month is really good for my blog posts. My blog completed 1,000,000 Page load in this month and has seen the 100th post posted also…

My 100th post is dedicated to the person who made this dream come true… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart… in Last a Poem for You

You mean so much to me
More than I could ever say
And even if you don’t believe me
I mean it in every way

Whenever were together
Nothing can go wrong
And I’m starting to think
That with you is where I belong

Whenever we are together
I thank God that I’m alive
With you by my side
I think I can survive

You take away my sadness
You take away my pain
This feeling when I’m with you
Is nothing I can explain

I wish that I could be with you
All throughout each day
Therefore the smile on my face
Would never have to go away

I know you understand
That I’m in a constant fight
And your one main reason
Why my life is worth the fight

You’ve always been there for me
No matter what I’ve gone through
So I just want to take this time to say
Thank you and I love you!

5 thoughts on “Rohit Tripathi’s Blog – 1,000,000 Page load – 100th Post

  1. Congratulations Rohit..on this day. People in the blogging world might think of it as a not-so-big achievement but I believe it is a very precious moment. Blog is not simply expressing your own thoughts but helping others link,re-live and smile again after recollecting their past moments with your blog. Keep writing with the vast variety you cover for all segments and I wish you all the popularity of the world.In the end, thank you.


  2. Congratulations Rohit, its good to see you so popular on internet:d, the blogs you write is your general expresseions and day today topics what i felt after reading your so many blogs, thanks to you too for telling me also what is blogging world is i dont write much because of time constraints but try too write… you could be a inspiration to those person who have no knowledge abt this blogging world, so keep telling all the people who are not aware about this blogging world and keep writing this always………..


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