A Pearl in my Stony – Life

Best Gift Of My Life

“I have learned that to have a good friend is the purest of all God’s gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment”

I don’t have much to be happy about except from some special friends….and in this fast paced life neither did I happen to get anything worthwhile from anyone.. …. but I have got a special gift from a special person… guess what? Its few great words straight from the heart of someone (don’t know exactly just guessing) Here it is. Read it all and you will know me… Exactly

“A true Piscean as now I can say I know him – a very pure person at heart. Generally quite, hardly sharing things openly, balanced when speaking to people, never hurting others – never ever, very sensitive – not sure if this comes as a surprise to all of you. Especially with the immense focus on bodybuilding – he seems like a young lad who has just starting growing up and passionately focuses on his gyming routines with such enthusiasm that all around him bubble up to his excitement. He is one person whom you can trust forever. He is one person I know who is so down to earth that you can feel it in his voice. He speaks to me with such a courteous gesture that I feel a sense of gratitude yet filled with affection, he so much younger to me. Wish I could have a lil bro like him around though I do have one and I tell Rohit that he resembles my cousin in many ways!

None can be as humble. He practically brings all your favorite songs to your ears. I have never heard a no from him – and he has a fine taste for music which sure comes from people who are true and emotional at heart. So young and still very mature in behavior at times. A person worth all love, affection, respect and appreciation. Though we work as colleagues but the day we move on to new places, I sure miss the typical DJ effect that he brings to the room everyday by playing the best of numbers – creating a serene atmosphere to work!

His relaxed and carefree nature makes all feel free to go up to him and share anything. He can be the perfect secret holder and his gentleness makes him all the more adorable. I wish him all beautiful things in life since all nice people only deserve beautiful things in life. God bless. you with good luck, love and laughter all life! “

I have got it from someone very very special to me….. The only one who knows me better then myself… the only who matters to me… I feel very glad whenever I do anything for her.. Indeed she is really special for Everyone……..

In last some words straight from the heart for you
“You will live in my heart forever like a sister and a friend, never to be forgotten. We laughed often and hard. The memories of our laughter will echo in my mind forever. I was blessed to have had our lives cross paths and to have had you in my life. My love for you is endless. “

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