Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na…. Rocks

Mera tujhse hai pahle ka nata koi yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi.. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Maane Tu Ya Maane Na… wow Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Rocks…What an amazing Movie no faltoo rona dhona and dhisum dhisum… Just a simple love story with that is full of laughter and love.. A cute one from Aamir Khan… Whatever Aamir Khan touches seems to be turning into gold. First Lagaan, then Taare Zameen Par and now Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, although not in the same league, is yet another classic from Aamir Khan productions. What works for Jaane Tu are the well-etched characters, performed brilliantly by the actors. It’s not just the main characters, but also the supporting characters that add a lot of value to Jaane Tu.

We cannot give all credit to Aamir Khan only. It was a simple love story only but Aamir, Imraan, Genelia and other cast made it a super duper hit. The movie was special for me because it shows college life of friends that is something I don’t have now. The joy doubles because we have seen this movie together (Me, Taru & Dhiraj) in our Office complex. As I believe a simple thing becomes special when you share it with loved ones although we missed Misha & Shail very much because they weren’t with us. Coming to movie once again there are some absolutely superb dialogues in the movie ..when Aditi says ‘ College ke 5 saal kaise beet gaye pata hi nahi chala’ and Ratna Pathak interjects ‘ Phone pe beta, phone pe’. Jignesh talking about ‘ Aditi ko visa bhi mil gaya, sab ko nahi milta hai’ an intelligent quip and also ‘mera surprise birthday party hai, zaroor aana’…All of Ratna Pathaks dialogues are cool just because the way she says it…there is a scene where she talks to Naseer ‘ tum sarphire, hinsak…..pause…mard’ …

In Taru’s words “Jane tu ya jane na is a very cute love story..it really tells us that good friends can become very good life partners but i think that Life partners must be good friends so that the life becomes a passion not only a way to fulfill responsibilities and duties”
The movie is a refresher amongst many movies which are all in the same stream. Another attraction is the new faces which are all so bubbly, perfect college-types, young and extremely funny. It gives a feeling of the vela-days of college where there is absolutely no responsibility hanging on head and is fully blast time with lots of leisure activities. Dance parties specially are a part of the main attraction.

Overall, a lovely refreshing movie worth watching!!

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12 thoughts on “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na…. Rocks

  1. Thanks Rohit,i would love to watch this movie with you guys but couldnt make it, yet i had saw its first day first show, but to see a movie with you friends is a pleasure and leisure always” Its is a fantastic movie, very fresh and the actors those are playing characters in this movie like jai, aditi, jigi..and rotlu have played their characters so well, i will meet anybody i will say jai not imran. After a long time i have seen such a nice movieso sing with them – mera tujhsein hai pehla ka natta koi………..


  2. रोहित बाबु सिनेमा तो वाकई मे बहुत ही खुबसुरत थी लेकिन एक बात का जरुर ध्यान रखना, गलती से शैल जी से टिप्प्णी मत करवा लेना वर्ना ब्लाग स्पैम होते देर नही लगेगी| वैसे सच कहु तो बुलन्दशहर की बुलन्द आवाज कफी पसन्द आई..वैसे उनसे पुछीयेगा की उनका लाईफ पार्टनर कब मिल रहा है फ्रेन्डस तो बहुत है……….उनके पास, मीसा जी कुछ काम धाम देते बच्चो का तो भविष्य उज्जवल होता ये सारे लोग टाईम पास कर रहे है, आपको नही लगता…और आखिरी मे धन्यवाद रोहित जी ईतने खुबसुरत फिल्म समीक्षा के लिये


  3. A hot topic with great info..I was looking out blogs to read the reviews and you have jotted down some lovely pointers to completely make me watch the movie and I did. Lovely movie and nicely written post.


  4. Hi Rohit, yes; I watched this movie and i did’t like it but didn’t influenced me so much.. thanks for visiting my blog and writing comment there!


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