Taare Zameen Par : EvEry Child is a UniqUE and spECial pErson

Taare Zameen Par
It feels just like a long time dream come true today. Finally I got a chance to watch Taare Zameen Par and I know I am so late. The only word that comes from my mouth after watching this movie is WOW…. Really every child is special (I am also in this list :))…. The film is a touching piece that will be considered a classic. It’s a gem that will not be forgotten. Aamir khan delivered a solid message to everyone by this amazing movie and I will always love and respect Aamir for this classic. I am not a big movie freak but there are some movies which I would love to watch forever. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Hum Saath Saath Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum, Rang De Basanti Chak De and Taare Zameen Par are my all time favourite.

Darsheel Safari is just like a new Diamond for Bollywood. So much talent at such a small age…This is one of the best child artist performances ever. The way he controls his emotional scenes is just amazing. The ‘Maa’ song was picturized very well and you can see Darsheel Safari’s talent in this song. Whenever it plays in the background, I bet every viewer out there got moist-eyed. The title track is another standout. Every song was magnificently picturized by Aamir.

Darsheel Safari

I wish I had a teacher like Aamir Khan who was so involved and concerned about his student’s. It is truly a masterpiece – one of its kind where such a true picture of parents’ generally high expectations are revealed. They associate their respect in society with the caliber and intelligence of their children. They do not understand that no all children are blessed with one quality. Not all fruits can be mangoes.. Some children have the art of singing, some for literature and NOT science! A few might grow up into great scientists but not all – for God’s sake. Parents these days do not realize and understand their children’s feelings and just feel that their child should always rise to the TOP. The movie conveys a firm and practical message to all such parents and must have sure made them realize and change their behavior towards their children.

7 thoughts on “Taare Zameen Par : EvEry Child is a UniqUE and spECial pErson

  1. i know, not everybody has a talent in science or math. sometimes a child cud be more interested in art, but there r these parents who consider that to be very lowly. i cant standdd such ppl, y’know??it was such an amazing movie..darsheel’s performance was truly amazing nd so was aamir khan’s.great review rohit!


  2. I think the awareness about such stuff is increasing now….I hated school because of some crappy teachers….that Maa song is really intense….i cud cry even if I listen to it…


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