Sometimes in Love, ..The feeling…..

I wish to change this world,
To make it just perfect.
To make it perfect just for you.
As I know you are worth it.

I would never like you to know,
To let me be a perfect stranger to you.
Some things are better unsaid,
They are just too pure to be expressed out loud.

When you see at me,
I seem to go all red.
Just as my eyes touch your eyes,
I don’t know how time flies by..

You seem to possess my heart n soul,
Just a glimpse of you,
Just for that second when you look at me,
Makes my heart skip a beat..

Every moment I spend with you,
Is so pure and magical.
I want those moments to freeze,
And stay with me forever..

With heart so youthful,
And mind so observant,
You seem to brighten up my world.
A flying thought asked me, ‘Where were you till now?’

You give a Midas touch to my life,
Like an ever-charming grace,
You create magic everywhere you are,
You are so perfect for me.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes in Love, ..The feeling…..

  1. The image is as beautiful as the lovely words written..Indeed Love is a beautiful feeling..and I feel passionately for all people who are in love!


  2. प्रिय रोहित, अंग्रेजी ब्लागजगत में मेरी आमदरफ्त नहीं है और न ही अंग्रेजी में गति। आप मेरे धाम आए, अच्छा लगा। आपका ब्लाग बढ़िया है। कविता अच्छी लगी, जितनी समझ पाया। शब्दों के सफर में बने रहिए…दिलचस्प मुकाम आते रहेंगे।


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