Gold Medals are meant for people who have shown great achievements. Though till date I haven’t had the pleasure to receive any but I am happy to speak of a close and known person. She has recently received a Gold Medal from Vanashtali Vidyapeeth for securing the first rank in B.B.A. an immensely talented girl. I have known her since my childhood though we were out of touch for quite some time but lately their family has come back in our city. You might anticipate her intelligence since I requested her to help me out in giving a few Mathematics’ lessons and I must say that they have helped me a lot. All the more I found some good friends through her (she Knows whom I talking about) and I cherish them a lot and so I am all the more thankful for giving me such nice friends. Friends are jewels to be treasured forever and an addition to that is highly appreciated.

God has blessed some people with great hearts, some with great minds but ones with both are rare – and for sure she is one of them! Congratulations shweta once again!


  1. hey congratulations shweta!there is one proverb ” beauty with brains” that is not so touchingbut brains with good heart is really very touching. Great, best wishes for future hope u recive more and more make all ur family, friends and country feel proud on you


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