Delhi NCR shudders at dawn – Earthquake of 4.3

I am here again but to describe a small natural calamity which happened in the Delhi NCR region. For those who have been reading my blogs and have been my precious readers I would like to share this small news. Delhi NCR region faced an earthquake this dawn – Monday 26th November! The Richter scale measure showed 4.3 hit. Around 4.48AM I sat jolted when I saw things shaking. The window panes started shaking noisily and we ran out to see what happened. As we went out there were many people outside already and it was all cool as always in a few minutes but the people stood shaken till quite sometime and went back to sleep with a shudder. Though this is a natural phenomenon in Gurgaon specially since the city keeps feeling such low on Richter scale tremors but the high-rise building residents as usual felt the tremors a little more! Thankfully we all are safe and I am all here to write my experiences of this EARTHQUAKE to you !! Keep in touch Readers.

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