The chamber of commerce and “voice” of the IT software and services industry in India, today released findings of a survey conducted to identify ‘Top 15 Exciting Emerging Companies to Work for’ in IT BPO sector in India. This is a first such survey by NASSCOM, and also the first of its kind across any industry by far, for the emerging
Companies segment specifically. The survey was conducted in partnership with Grow Talent, a strategic HR consultancy firm. The objective of this survey was to identify the best small and medium sized IT-BPO companies to work for, within the Rs.250 crore and below annual turnover category, through a set of parameters that are particularly relevant to them, therefore recognizing the fact that the dynamic of this segment is quite different from the large companies.

The Exciting Emerging Companies’ (EEC) survey threw light on several best practices which at times may seem ‘not that necessary’ for a small sized company but are vital for the future growth of the company. Using practices ranging across a wide range of innovative parameters like Balanced Score Card approach for Performance Appraisal to designing of Performance Grade Cards, companies are looking at constantly adding to best practices which make them more attractive for employees, often enhancing productivity simultaneously.

Speaking about the survey and its findings, Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM, said, “The Indian IT industry has set an exceptionally high standard with regard to workplace and employee practices. With the continued growth and rapid evolution of the industry, as well as the changing aspirations of its young workforce, IT companies – small or large – will have to constantly look at innovation to excel as employers. While there are benchmarks that exist across industries, we felt that for the emerging companies segment, it is critical to identify and appreciate the frontrunners, which are employers of choice, and aptly showcase them. We are pleased to release the findings of this survey which clearly demonstrate best practices implemented in these emerging companies which have made them winners not only in this survey but with their employees as well.”


1. Corbus (India) Private Limited
2. RMSI Private Limited
3. Hytech Professionals India Pvt Ltd
4. Nagarro Software Pvt. Ltd.
5. VCustomer Services India Pvt Ltd
6. e4e
7. Synygy India Pvt Ltd
8. Ajuba Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
9. Mindlogicx Infotech Limited
10. Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
11. Infogain India (P) Ltd
12. ValueLabs (India)
13. Barry-Wehmiller International Resources Pvt Ltd
14. GlobalLogic India Pvt Ltd
15. AgreeYa Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd


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