Om Shanti Om VS Saawariya – What’s your Choice?

Welcome to my world of thoughts again and let me tell you what is coming to my mind. Well Well Well.

Diwali is special for everyone Indian for me and hope for you also? I am all set to rock my home on Diwali with lots of Puja – Remembering the beautiful and rich Indian culture. Not to forget to tell you preparations I have been doing for Crackers. I enjoy the brightness of Diwali and am planning to decorate my home with Diyas and candles. I am sure you guys do the same and have lot more plans for Diwali. Pour your plans for this Diwali on my blog’s comments and lets plan a WONDERFUL DIWALI for each one of us.

Well, not only all of us are looking forward to it but the Bollywood is busy with its preparations too?!! I hope you know what are they up to? Hey Guys, it’s the two ROCKING MOVIES – SAAWARIYA (Doli mein bithake………Saawariya) AND OM SHANTI OM (Main Agar Kahoon….). I hope I ain’t wrong but both of them are releasing on the same DATE too!!!!! The timings of the two movies-Saawariya and OSO reminds me of another two blockbusters of their time– Lagaan and Gadar. To cut a long story short both of them went on to become cinematic milestones and had their own pluses n minuses. My hunch is that both OSO n Saawariya would become superhits and would’ve their own USPs.
I am just stuck in a dilemma to go for which one first – Saawariya or Om Shanti Om. What are you planning to watch FIRST?????? – Rohit Tripathi

12 thoughts on “Om Shanti Om VS Saawariya – What’s your Choice?

  1. Ofcourse, Om Shanti Om would be a block buster hit of the decade and you should go for Om Shanit Omonly……..As far as Saaawariya is concerned , the whole movie is made in night and that too in studio.I don’t think it will be more than just a hit and that too because of hype and weekend collections…….


  2. I still regret the fact that i went to watch Saawariya…well to be frank one of the most boring movies i’ve ever been to…half the theatre were asleep towards the end…On the other hand…om shanti was an outright entertainer…a refreshing movie…the comedy in it was too good…and deepika was awesome.


  3. hey HISH, u saw both the movies the same day????? i did not c even one actually was waitin 4 comments 4m ppl like u… so go on tel me which one to watch compulsorily which to drop mum wil allow 4 only one


  4. you should watch om shanti om because saawariya is a stupid movie and very slow plus a bad storyline which goes nowhere.and om shanti om is already a hit!so go for omm shanti om!


  5. Ok if you are a 5 year old, you would like OM shanti Om more than Saawariya. Yes OSO has a few laughs in the first half, but Saawariya is definitely the better movie. If you have ever experienced love and have half a brain the choice would be clear.


  6. Om Shanti Om is very good. Saawariya looks more of sets than anything else. I wouldnt’ waste my money to watch lavish studio sets only.I think Sanjay should stop being judgemental & pushy towards other viewers choice of movies.


  7. Ive just watched da both movies n i gotta say saawariya is da WORST film i ever seen 2/10 but in the other hand om shanti om was a real hit 9/10 luv it especially the best actor niomination award bit was hilarious.


  8. I’ve just watched the two movies in question as well. Om shanti Om – a downright entertainer… but watchers beware, it is very camp and cheesy, SRK looks a lot older than deepika but somehow it works. Songs are fun!!Saawariya – I’m a big fan of Sanjay’s work. His use of colors, sets etc is breath-taking as usual. If you have a sense of developed sense of aesthetic, then saawariya is the movie to watch. besides both the newcomers are good. Bottom line: why miss out on either? go on enjoy diwali on two occassions !!


  9. Om Shanti Om is much more entertaining.I wish I could erase the horrible story (which I didn’t even get) from my mind. Boring, no comedy, and very sad.Om Shanti Om is horror (not really), comedy, and romance all in one.Comedy was shown most of all, but they didn’t over-do the comedy like Dhamaal did.


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