Aneek Dhar wins Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

 Sa Re ga ma 2007 winner Aneek DharNot long after viewers were treated to a hotly contested Indian Idol, it was once again time for them to rejoice when another singing sensation to be crowned.

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 came to a magnificent end with Aneek Dhar winning the contest by garnering 3 cr 65 lakh votes beating Ist runner-up Raja Hassan by a margin of 13 lakh votes.

Crores of votes and a huge fan following is what the contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 have gathered for themselves, especially the winners-Aneek Dhar, Ist runner-up Raja and the IInd runner-up Amaanat Ali from Pakistan.

The finale held at Mumbai’s Andheri sports complex had a very enthusiastic audience and a line-up of celebrities.

The winner, Aneek Dhar was crowned by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and won a contract worth Rs 50 lakh with Universal and Zee TV along with a brand new Chevrolet Spark.

4 thoughts on “Aneek Dhar wins Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

  1. This is a great injustice and anyone who loves Music would say that Raja should have won this competition. Aneek is nowhere near the caliber of Raja and Amanat. Great injustice has been served to Music and Music Lovers. Sa Re Ga Ma should take notice and should not let such things happen. The whole world had let that nutcase called Himesh something manipulate everyone, the whole country and world. The guy should receive a kick from my stiletto. He talks about respecting women, all he does is teach his disciples how to flirt with them. I don’t think any parent in his or her right mind would ever send his daughter with in 2 inches of this guy. So Aneek finally won to I must say a great satisfaction of his egoistical maniac master. Hope the entire world’s worst may befall him. He has personally hurt music lover like me. The guy should rot eternally and not allowed to give any kind of music. I again feel like vomiting because I had to think of his ugly face while writing. Yuck!!


  2. Very sorry to hear some immature comments like this…This is shame that we still have people like this who just writes comments without looking at people voted for Aneek. It is really a very close contest. The real matter was whose singing is more popular in this contest. Hope we appreciate people choice rather than any individual liking when it’s a people competition.


  3. Immature! You call it immature. This is the reaction of many music lovers like me. And a protest call for something gone in the wrong way and towards the un-deserving. This is not a popularity contest sir and if I know how Governments are elected in India and how anything is elected in India. I wish our audience would mature with time and not vote based on cast, creed, place and person but on real talent. And you should think about those who do love music and try to give the award to a deserving person and not a popular person. Aneek is a good singer but he got unfortunately saddled with somebody who thinks he is the maestro and is the only one who knows everything about music. I despise him because he was disrespectful to many great musicians like Asha bhonsle and Mr. Aiyyar. Music is like Saraswati Goddess herself and if anyone disrespects her that person should be punished and punished till he falls down on his knees from a big high throne that he has sat himself on. Aneek did not have a choice but was I know and remember that This monkey called himesh resh..etc jumped up and down to get him on his team. this HR guy is hopeless and it is shameful that he has been given anything that remotely resembles music…HR does not deserve it and that is Himesh R for you.


  4. Para Mi Aneek Dhar fue el mejor por su humildad,sencillez,stilo,calidad de voz,super control de las notas,gran carisma,tiene un gran futuro por delante,se llevo el corazon de la mayoria. exitos digan lo que digan los malos perdedores…


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