Twenty20 Championship – India Chak Laaya World Cup!!

Finally we have done it. Congratulations to Team India they have given us T20 world cup for cheer. It was a dream match, world cup final between the archrivals India VS Pakistan. Under captaincy of M.S Dhoni our young tigers have given us a world cup that we are waiting for last 23 years. What else an Indian cricket lover want in his life. I am sure that Indian Cricket fans would cherish this for the rest of the life. The young guns have given a joyful and historic day to Indian cricket fans, which they would never forget in the life.

Must say M.S.Dhoni has had good luck shining on him – first time captain and same time a World Cup winner!! In Dhoni’s words “It was a team effort and the way the boys responded was really great. Everything needed to build a team was there,”

Man of the Match Pathan Said “We never thought we will play together in a final — and against Pakistan — and we would win it,”

We are the world champions!!!!!! Chak Diya India Ne – Rohit Tripathi

2 thoughts on “Twenty20 Championship – India Chak Laaya World Cup!!

  1. Well, no wonder it was a dream match! I saw India playing and playing WELL after a long time in this world cup and the last match with Pak was actually a Sea Saw as written by Times of India too. No one knew at mostly all instants who would win. The pic you have put looks really nice. Team India sure made us proud of being Indians – The Twenty20 World Cup 2007 Winners. Great reading your blog. It enhances the pride in being an Indian!


  2. What a pleasant surprise it was indeed! There were fire crackers and rockets in the air last night after the big win. Good fight by both the teams. A very interesting match. I think the last time we won the World Cup was in late 1970s or early eighties! Three cheers for the winning team – HipHipHurray …! Rgds, Pankaj (Peter) Varma http://petervarma.blogspot.com91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India


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