Chak De India – Boost to Indian Hockey!

Hi Friends, finally I got a chance to watch the awesome movie Chak De. It was the 2nd movie after Rang De Basanti which touched my heart. The movie was full of thrill and zeal – call it the great sportsman spirit which has been exhibited fully here. For me, this is one of Shah Rukhs best performances after Swades and Devdas. Only in these three films has he shown a mature attitude to acting which is very calm style and a lot personal in nauture. The girls also did very well specially the haryanvi girl Komal Chautala and the Punjabi girl (Jasmeet or gurupreet? I actually have forgotten her name) but they all did a fantastic job.

I think they all were definitely nervous while acting with King Khan but in the end they proved themselves. Another good thing about the movie was the feeling of belonging to ONE nation which was promoted by Shah Rukh Khan in the begining of the movie when all the hockey team members were asked to introduced themselves.There was only one girl who said her name followed by India. It is such a beautiful feeling of belonging to one nation,of being together and for the same reason – winning and bringing cheers to our country!
This movie has sure contributed to significant morale boost of Indian hockey team. After this movie our Indian hockey teams won the Asian Hockey cup and we hope our women’s hockey team will also win the women’s hockey world cup. So friends “CHAK DE INDIA!!!! – Rohit Tripathi

2 thoughts on “Chak De India – Boost to Indian Hockey!

  1. Chuk De is yet another great Sports oriented movie… and Shahrukh was the right pick. Rang de Basanti was excellent too. The green turf of National stadium is very tempting to play hockey on. I used to go there in early 1990s for jogging when I used to stay with my parents on Copernicus Marg (close to the Stadium; Near India Gate). Rgds, Pankaj (Peter) Varma 91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India


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