Finale of Indian Idol – Amit Paul vs. Prashant Tamang

The top three Musical shows of India (Indian Idol 3, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Star Voice Of India) are at their final stage. The journey of Indian Idol 3 ends with grand finale on 23rd September and Sa re ga ma pa and Star Voice of India are moving to their final stage too.

India Idol 3 has also found his place in the final two contestants. They are from eastern part of India. Amit Paul is from Shillong and Prashant Tamang is from Darjeeling. Both Shilong and Darjeeling are among the under developed cities of India. So, the people of both these areas are very happy now and they are praying for their local contestants. It is nice to see that people are passionate about their local stars. They want something to celebrate and the people of eastern part of India do not get this kind of opportunity a lot.

Here is the Biography of Amit Paul and Prashant Tamang

Amit Paul
Age: 24
Place: Shillong (Meghalaya)
DOB : 28 Dec 1982

Occupation :Aspiring singer

* He is a struggling singer, who quit his studies to pursue music. He can sing in six languages.
* He is a dreamer and believes that dreamers are the biggest achievers.
* He aspires to be a playback singer

Prashant Tamang
Date of Birth
Born January 4, 1983 Darjeeling, West Bengal

Birth Name
Prashant Tamang

Police and Indian idol Finalist

5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

Mini Biography
Prashant Tamang was born in Tungsung, Darjeeling, West Bengal to Rupa Tamang and Late Madan Tamang[1]. He spent most of his early life there and studied in St.Roberts school After the demise of his father, Madan Tamang, in an accident, he joined the Kolkata Police Force, succeeding his father In Kolkata Police, he sang for the police orchestra His family includes his grandmother, mother and his sister.

I will write about Sa re ga ma pa and Star Voice of Indian in My Next blog. Whenever thoughts related to music come up, a different chord in my heart in touched. Being a person full of feelings, music, singers, songs and thoughts expressed by them through lyrics form an integral part of my life. – Your Friend Rohit Tripathi

8 thoughts on “Finale of Indian Idol – Amit Paul vs. Prashant Tamang

  1. Hi Rohit, Was Amit Paul born and brought up in Sweden? Just last month I was doing an Exhibition in Sweden. Wow, indeed a small world!I think Shillong and Darjeeling are quite advanced places, so what if they are small.I have a very close childhood friend from Shillong (A Mahapatra) and I always wanted to visit that place.It has a vibrant young crowd but mostly fond of English (Western) music like hip hop, heavy rock, metal, even jazz et al. Believe me, North East is a very happening place. I have best of school friends from all over thatplace like Mizoram (Aizawl), Manipur (Imphal), so on and so forth. I had the opportunity to play football with Acumba Zamir from the Jamir family (his Father is or was the Chief Minister of Nagaland). We became good friends later on, even though he was a few years senior to me.Do you know – among the best residential schools are from that area like St. Pauls, Darjeeling.Great article! Reminds me of my good old music, games and fun days!Thanks and Regards, Pankaj (Peter) Varma 91 9810000163, GurgaonNew Delhi India


  2. Well no its not. You have said that the Indian Idol 3 finalist Amit Paul was born in Norway and has a Swedish mother and that his full name is Amit Sebastian Paul. This is totally false. The Indian Idol finalist Amit hasn’t even been to Norway! He is a bengali and his family is from Siliguri and Shillong. He is the eldest son of Dipak and Jaya Paul. He has one younger sister Meenakshi. Amit had discontinued his studies after Class 12 and used to assist his father and uncles in the family garment business.Amit Sebastian Paul that you are confusing with the Amit Paul of Indian Idol is different. He has a band called A-teens.


  3. hey how are … amit is a born winner and he definately is not only the indian idol he is the voice of india he is the singer of the nation . he has won million of hearts . he is the best and he rocks


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