Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga – Rohit Tripathi

Friends yesterday I had seen a girl on the streets of Delhi. Kya kahna friends she was as beautiful as Aishwarya. I was returning from my hometown to Gurgaon and I had to take a bus from the railway station to my place. I was on my way when she was coming in front of me. She wore a blue jeans and a black top, hair left open flowing with the breeze. She was in the prime age of about 20 or 21 years. As I saw her coming towards me, my eyes were awestruck seeing her unmatched beauty and the way she delicately glided through the street like a fairy.
I simply could not take my eyes off her and seemed glued to her like a magnet. God certainly creates human beings matching the beauty of a fairy. She seemed to be an angel stepping on earth with the purity and sacredness of heaven oozing out of her face. I swear friends; she was the most beautiful among all the girls I have ever seen and would ever see. I am sure. Someone has aptly expressed the thoughts which have come across my mind as I saw her…

Ho bas agar tum hamare sanam
Hum to sitaro pe rakh de kadam
sara jaha bhul jaye…………………
bas nagme tere pyar ke gate hi jayein
ai kash ki hum hosh mein ab aane na paye..

7 thoughts on “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga – Rohit Tripathi

  1. Hi Rohit! I too am a person of deep thoughts and feelings. Indeed god creates beautiful human beings both at heart and by face. You have a good flair for writing and are a deep thinker and observer. Keep writing!Hope you get your dream girl soon!Good Luck!


  2. Oh my sweet brother…..abhi to tumne use dekha hi hai…..din raat usi k baare mei soch rahe honge ki kash ek baar mil jaaye……koi baat nahi bro,aisa hota hai….bt be careful….har khubsurat chehra dil se saaf nahi hota….aur kya pata wo already kahin engaged ho….it all depend on ur luck….lage raho Rohit bhai….gud luck.


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