Ex Super Model Now A Beggar : The tyrannies of time

When we think of the world of Bollywood and fashion we think of glamour, parties, rich life style but there are murkier waters underground. Modeling is associated with a dark, ugly side, which remains unseen to most people outside. A glamorous lifestyle, high-profile parties and contacts that come as a perk with a model’s job do not always translate into money.

Here is a story exposing the ugly side of the fashion world.

Geetanjali Nagpal , a former super model who once walked the ramp with Sushmita Sen, is forced to lead a desolate life on the streets of Delhi . She now dresses in shabby clothes and begs for scraps for a living.

Daughter of a navy officer, Geetanjali studied at Mount Carmel School in Delhi and later graduated from Lady Sriram College .

Little is known about the former model’s personal life and the circumstances that led to her ruin. However, sources say she lost assignments and got into drugs to cope with stress.

Geetanjali studied fashion designing at South Delhi Polytechnic and ventured into modeling in 1990. She was living-in with a British man in Goa until recently.

5 thoughts on “Ex Super Model Now A Beggar : The tyrannies of time

  1. Read this tragic news in the newspapers and saw a bit on TV. Very sad indeed. Its shocking to expect and see this type of Psychological behavior from a talented and gifted Lady like her. She had the best of education (Mt. Carmel School, prestigious LSR College), strong parents background, happy family with a loving husband and daughter in Germany, great carrier on her side, yet… Lets hope shes able to contain herself asap and if not for herself, atleast for her beloved ones, especially her daughter. Rgds, Pankaj (Peter) Varma http://petervarma.blogspot.com 91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India


  2. Hi Rohit,I think u really caught the wave of time here. I am a woman and i truly understand that if women are not strong, our society leads them to dust.This is an enlightening blog for me coz i did not know about it.keep it up.nalini


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