Offshore product Development – Rohit Raghvendra Tripathi

After a long time today we will again discuss on Offshore Product Development and Offshore Product Development in India. We have discussed on offshore product development in my last blogs, you people know how offshore product development process has been coming through. Offshore Product development and Outsourcing software Development is a sector in which India willing to take action allowing rich nations a greater access by offering them good valuable services. Indian giants like Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Nagarro, Patni, Aditi, e-zest, luxoft, Pramati and list goes on are the major companies involved in OPD.

Indian economy is booming up and more than 50% of India’s GDP linked to IT and IT enabled Services like offshore software development, OPD, Banking and retail. India is biggest market for Offshore Software Outsourcing services, India is still a boss of world in OPD and IT services but countries like China, Belarus Philippines and Russia are growing very faster in this domain. The country like US has a capital of 65,000 on such workers under its H1B visa programmed, with the majority going to India. – Rohit Raghvendra Tripathi

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