Musical shows rocking India – Indian Idol 3 – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Star Voice Of India

Yes friends! Musical shows are really rocking Indian television these days. Indian Idol 3, Sa re ga ma pa and Star Voice of India are favorite shows of mine and we also discussed it earlier in my last blog on Indian Idol3 vs. Sa re ga ma pa vs. star voice of India. The final round and the chosen and most awaited Indian Idol among the participants of Indian Idol 3 are just 4 weeks away. Only four-finalist are left in Indian Idol 3 and they are Emon Chatergee, Prashant Tamang, Amit Paul and Ankita Misra.

Last week Myang chang was out from competition and Alsiha were very shocked with this decision of Public, she was crying for chang and Chang is really a super singer but winner will be only one.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is also moving to his final stages as well on Friday night as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Pakistani Singer Junaid Sheikh was out from competition. Now 8th finalist is left on Sa re Ga Ma Pa. They are Amanat Ali, Aneek Dha,r Harpreet Deol, Mauli Dave, Mussarat Abbas, Poonam Yadav, Raja Hassan and Sumedha Karmahe. I saw Sa Re Ga Ma Pa last week and himesh was asking about love triangle between sumedha, Aneek and Amanat. But I think it’s just a stunt for TRP ratings. Well will write more about this on my next blog – Rohit Raghvendra Tripathi – 9999756668

6 thoughts on “Musical shows rocking India – Indian Idol 3 – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Star Voice Of India

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  2. Guys and Girls, look at Poonam’s profile to see how dignifies she is ! While almost everyone else has “Show me your love by voting for me” in the “Message for Viewers”, she has simply and respectfully said “Please make sure the deserving candidate wins”. NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL SELF RESPECT AND DIGNITY !! WOW !Also, while many folks have named or proclaimed his/her first love either in the profile or on the show, Poonam has refused to name him as he is about to get married !Poonam JatauThey call me: Poonam JatauHave walked this earth for: 26 YrsI hail from: LucknowAlma Mater: Sanskrit Pathshala kanya Inter CollegeDown the memory lane:I lost my father even before I was born. My mother used to work at other people’s home to make both ends meet. As a kid I remember waiting all alone for my mother to come back. There were days when we had to starve as there wouldn’t be any food at home.Hobbies: Listening to music.Favorite personality: Asha jiFavorite Actor: Amitabh Bachchan & Shahrukh KhanMessage to viewers: Make sure that only the deserving candidate winsFirst Love: I can’t name him as he is about to get married.


  3. To all :One thing that is never posted or mentioned about Poonam in the show is that she is the ONLY singer who can modulate her voice to suit the song. Remember how she sang “Mehndi hai…” in a sweet voice, “Main samajh gai, main samajh gayi..from Taal” in a bit heavy voice, “Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon…” with a nasal touch to match the old B&W era, “Tose Naina laage Piya bawaare” in a bit heavy voice with classical touch to match the song. NO ONE ELSE has or at least hasn’t shown this ability.I am not sue why NO ONE among the judges has mentioned that yet. Also, I fail to understand why Poonam is not getting as many offers as others for singing. She has got a few but not as many.


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