Two Moons on 27th August

everyone talking about Two moons in the sky on 27 august, but i dont think its going to happends. If you stay up late tonight you will see something amazing.. That is if the sky is clear enough.. At 12:30AM on August 27, 2007 the planet MARS will appear to be as large as our moon.. and at 12:30PM both MARS and the MOON will be in close proximity in the sky. So STAY UP LATE this won’t happen again until the year 2287. So if you miss it OH WELL TOO BAD FOR YOU…

4 thoughts on “Two Moons on 27th August

  1. its just so fake… i stayed up late night but there was nothing seen on the sky. two moons may be abit far away… not even a single moon was seen……


  2. just cant believe i fell for that stupid prank…we have prof. D Block at our school(wits univesity,one of the best Astronauts in the world and i hapened to see him the night was so amazing he didnt know anything about it.


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