Indian Idol Vs Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vs voice of India

War of music continues on Indian television. Still Indian Idol is my favorite show if you ask me to choose between Indian Idol vs. Star voice of India vs. Sa re ga ma pa. But I must say every show has great singers, who is I believe future of Indian Music industry
In coming years these new music superstars will rock Indian music industry. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has some good Pakistani singers also like Mussarat Abbas, Amanat Ali and Junaid Sheikh. Raja Hassan and Poonam yadav is my favorite singer in SA Re Ga Ma Pa but again must say all other contestant are also very good. But I am very shocked with result of Indian Idol my favorite Deepali is now out from Indian Idol pooja is very good and she is out too. But still my hopes alive in Amit Paul. Now friends here is the some of my favorite contestants biography

Poonam Yadav – This 26 years old girl is from Lucknow, India. She lost her father even before she was born and her mother had to work at other people’s home to able to feed her own children . She has tremendous confidence while she sings and is gifted with beautiful voice. She is one promising singers amongst the girls. She belongs to Ismail Darbar’s Yalgar Gharana

Raja Hassan – He’s superb singer from Bikaner (Rajasthan ) he is in Vishal shekhar’s group.

2 thoughts on “Indian Idol Vs Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vs voice of India

  1. Nice blog! Theres a fusion of music worldwide. We see African drums, the Indian tablas and sitar in a few Western videos. The world is indeed getting to become a smaller place! I like HipHop and most recently was delighted to see HipHop version of Phil Collins ‘TAKE ME HOME’. Even the video was nice. Regards, Pankaj (Peter) Varma 91 9810000163 Gurgaon New Delhi India


  2. This blog is good but Sa Re Ga Ma Organizers should take notice of the growing irritation & resentment of the public with Himesh Reshamiya’s characterless behavior and kick him out. He is sick, crass and a disgrace to Music & Music Industry. He looks very stupid when he is expressionlessly watching the contestants sing. I do not watch it anymore but am surprised at the fact that nobody has told the bum to shut his mouth and sit quietly in a corner if does want to remain in the show.


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