Picture of the Month

Friend would like to show you a picture of lifetime. This is the picture of govind jaiswal. He’s a son of Narayan Prasad Jaiswal who gives out rickshaws on contract, and does not know what IAS means. His son Govind Jaiswal qualified for the civil services, coming 48th. It was difficult for his father to believe that ‘Govinda’ would become a “collector saheb’’. Living in a 12×8 sq ft rented room on the first floor of a house at Usmanpura, Varanasi, for the past 35 years, his father had been spending most of his earning on his son’s education. After graduating from a local college in 2003, Govinda shifted to New Delhi to prepare for the civil services and has cracked it in his first attempt. He got a dozen marriage proposals after the result, one from the family of local liquor king offering 4 crore as dowry but he turned them down.

In his words “ I decided to try for IAS because this is a one government job where you don’t need money or approach to get in, and I had neither………Earlier the police used to harass my father now they do sir, sir

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