Credit Cards – My Experience

Credit Cards – A New definition of rupee in India. Friends, today we are going to discuss on a different matter and that is the increasing trend of plastic money in India. Plastic money means use of Credit Cards and debit cards. These days’ credit cards are very popular in big cities of India. From the way banks are promoting this service it seems as if the use of credit cards will spread all over India.

As you know I am living in Gurgaon, which is one of most developed cities of India, I saw my friends using Credit cards but I was scared to have Credit card because of the view of people have about Credit cards. When I was 19 years old then I had decided to get a credit card. That day onwards I was waiting for call from any bank, one day I got a call from ICICI bank to apply for a Credit card. I agreed and I gave photocopy of my PAN and Ration Card. The executive told me to wait 15 days.

I started counting days, but after 15 days I got a call from ICICI bank and he says currently we are not able to provide you Credit card. Then I called ICICI bank customer care and told him about my problem, they told me to submit my documents again. And after 15 days I got my 1st credit card I was very happy and I purchased a shirt from my new credit card. After some days I got an offer from HSBC also and I applied for HSBC credit card also and till waiting for this. People says they are facing lots of problems with Credit Cards but in my case I am happy with it – Rohit Tripathi

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