My Dreams – Hope will True One day

Hi friends! Dreams are the way to live happy life, we must dream. Do you know what my dream is????? My dream is to become a successful man and earn everything for myself and for my family. First I want to tell u all about me. I am Rohit Tripathi and I am a boy who has lots of dream, you can say that I am living in only dream. I believe that people must dream bigger because if you dream about a Luxury car and started work for that luxury car than I am 100% sure that he will get something closer to luxury car. You may not think the same. Dream means everything for me; my dreams are totally different than others because my dream is to see my city better than other, see my country better than other countries and the funny thing is this that people works to make his dream come true but I am not doing anything. Bye for now. I will write more in my next blog.

Thank and Regards
Rohit Tripathi
Nagarro Software

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