My life – Ever-changing – Rohit Tripathi

Hi Friends! I am Rohit Tripathi. I am glad to have your company in this wonderful world of blogging. I was born in Allahabad, a city of culture and brought up in Gurgaon, a millennium city and city of malls. We are from much respected Brahman family. My father is seven brothers and five of them has government job. But my father didn’t get government job. At that time my father had started farming, life was very hard in those days for my family.

Then one-day things started to change. My father came to gurgaon and he called us also to Gurgaon. I was only seven year of age when we came to gurgaon, as mentioned earlier we are from much respected Bramhan family so my father became a priest in a temple located in Gurgaon. God has been so kind to do this to us but we were still facing money problems so my mother also started doing a job. Things changed once more and finally my brother got a good job in Hero Honda motors. After that my mother left her job.

When I was eighteen year of age I got an opportunity to work in Binary Semantics as a Data management Executive and I find some great friends there. I have worked with binary semantics nine or ten months and really those were golden days of my life. After that my friend Dhiraj introduced me in to Nagarro Software an Offshore Software Development company located in Gurgaon. I am still working with Nagarro Software. I always belive – God is Great.

Update – This is a long due, I’ll update this post soon

11 thoughts on “My life – Ever-changing – Rohit Tripathi

  1. Hi Rohit, It is so nice of you to share things about you and your family and lots Gurgaon.I am looking for sofware companies for offshore software development projects for few of my Japanese clients but all efforts in vain. I also stay in Gurgaon and I fail to see the infrastructure or a system like we hav in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad etc (to pull foreign clients for offshore sofware development projects).Do share with me incase you have can reach me at:pariharvinod@hotmail.comAnd take care…Cheers:-))VP


  2. beta dhyan se check karna steel aur Samastipur mein?????? bahut mazakiya lagte ho lalu ke pados ke jo ho………….. kallu jha jhi dimag bhi kalua gaya hai aapka. h a ha ha


  3. Gurgaon is the millenium city with bad infrastructure ! Perhaps the demands of the people will boost it towards postive development! I am in US right now and have found that greatness of USA is not because of its Govt but it is because of the hard working and honest people here!


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