Gurgaon………….The next big thing

Call Center building in gurgaonGurgaon is the IT-hub of Haryana. Located near New Delhi, Gurgaon is the one of Delhi’s major satellite city. Gurgaon is also part of National Capital Region, Gurgaon is best known as one of India’s most prominent outsourcing and offshoring hubs. For Offshore Software Development – Gurgaon in India has finally come out as the new favorite destination for software development. It’s like new Silicon Valley of India. Major companies of the world have opened their center to Gurgaon for its compatibility, good infrastructure, pool of skilled IT engineers and closeness to capital New Delhi. Companies have found all the necessary elements to stabilize themselves in India

Sahara mall in gurgaonGurgaon is Also Famous for his Shopping Malls. Gurgaon the millenium city is in very good track. thousands of professionals have recently made their home in Gurgaon, living in apartments in newly constructed colonies and condominiums with world-class facilities. The mushrooming shopping malls of Gurgaon, like the DLF City Centre, DLF Grand Mall, DLF Mega Mall, Sahara Mall, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MGF Mega City, are also indicative of the recognition by retailers of the far-reaching aspirations, and deep pockets, of the residents of the city. Gurgaon will become a major city of india, in my opinion Gurgaon will be famous not only in India but in the entire world. BEST OF LUCK GURGAON –

Rohit Tripathi
SEO Marketing Executive
Nagarro Software

8 thoughts on “Gurgaon………….The next big thing

  1. Hi,This certainly appears to be true, Gurgaon really is the next big thing.It’s not just malls and BPOs that are making Gurgaon what it is today. It’s a very careful planning of infra and other related stuff. Do have a look at everything that is going on in Gurgaon. Apart from the conveyance all appears amazing.Have a look at the malls website here: This would give you some idea at least about the malls and where they are heading.Cheers,Chris


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